Send Tina your comments at

FROM: Paul Lindstrom (Concord, NH)
DATE: 5/27/05

      I am saddened, as a long-time viewer, that your show is departing...I feel compelled, nonetheless, to call you on your recent "famous for being famous" discussion. First, you omitted that this is hardly a new phenomenon (for example, this was one of the themes of Daniel Boorstin's classic "The Image", written more than forty years ago). Second, many of your editor's roundtable guests seem to fall into the "famous for being famous" class; did nobody feel a sense of irony in your discussion?
      I will greatly miss your show. Best wishes and good luck.

FROM: Jane (Medina, OH)
DATE: 5/27/05

Lamentation! Those of us in small towns will miss our connection to the urbane and cosmopolitan matters of the day. Loved the Hot Picks but even more will miss my weekly appointment with Tina. Please hurry back to the airwaves.
P.S. Was thrilled to see you on the Times Square billboard when dropping my son off at Fordham in February.

FROM: Ed Scheid (Pittsburgh, PA)
DATE: 5/27/05

TOPIC A was always my hot pick. Always a great and fascinating range of topics and guests. I've described the show as "the Algonquin Roundtable of today". Very disappointed about the show's ending.

FROM: Myrna Lueck (Ypsilanti, MI)
DATE: 5/26/05

Your show has been "appointment TV" for me since it began. I was upset to learn that it was being cancelled, so I left a message with Viewer Services at CNBC to complain. I told them that yours was a quality show and there was too much "junk" on TV. They actually called me back and said that you had decided to pursue another major project and that you needed to be freed up for that. That made me feel better, because I would like the networks to recognize that some viewers actually have good taste.

FROM: Alicia Sorkin (Carpinteria, CA)
DATE: 5/26/05

The weekend won't be the same without you. We loved the stimulating, intelligent conversation that challenged us instead of putting us to sleep. Whatever you do, you are sure to bring your special flare to it. Good luck. We'll try to manage as best as we can without you.

FROM: Caren
DATE: 5/26/05

Your show will be missed. You can do an intellectual reality show -- the opposite of the usual reality shows spin like britney , jessica, even the osbournes. have fun with princess di or your point of view with her. I will miss your 5pm brainiac show on sunday. happy writing!

FROM: Karen Ferguson
DATE: 5/26/05

I am so very sorry that your show is ending. I never miss it; it is my treat on Sunday nights. Your guests are so fresh and literate. You all seem to enjoy your conversations and each other so much. Good chemistry, I'd say. It is a shame that the powers that be base the survival of every show on the numbers and not the quality. With the media consolidation into six major outlets and the owners basing everything on the bottom line, we who have discriminating taste get left by the wayside. Where else will we see the likes of David Carr and Stanley Crouch? Where will I get my new hot picks? Good luck in your next adventure. You're the best.

FROM: Susan Hauser (Reno, NV)
DATE: 5/26/05
      I am a REGULAR part of your audience. I almost never miss one of the Sunday evening shows, and I have been watching faithfully for more than a year. I was devastated to hear you say the other night that the show is closing. Except for that inflated (and, it turns out, slimy and corrupt), egotistical Armstrong Williams, whom I strongly disliked seeing on yours or any other show, I enjoyed the various people you'd have in person and by remote connection. I would sit with a paper and pencil and scribble the names of books/videos/cds recommended in the Hot Picks, and much of my reading for more than a year has been those very tomes.
      A quick Google search just brought up the NY Times piece suggesting that the show is closing due to lack of audience. Why don't they ever ask ME or the likes of me which shows to keep? Yours was so unique -- interesting, thoughtful commentary with not the usual bunch of talking heads.
      At any rate, I just wanted you to know that here is one fan who's deeply disappointed that you're no longer going to be part of my Sunday evenings. Thanks for the good work you did.

FROM: Joanne Howard
DATE: 5/26/05
      I just learned that your show is going off the air. I am so very disappointed as I was really just becoming a regular viewer. I was very impressed with you and the caliber of your guests-- and your show is so up to date and so informative...
      It is so refreshing to hear a viewpoint from someone born outside the US... Finally we get a talk show that is fun, and interesting, and unusual guests and without any shouting .. and so they cancel it!!!
Best of luck...

FROM: Carol Fincher (Little Rock, AR)
DATE: 5/26/05

Ah, Tina, you will be missed. Topic A was must-see TV on Sunday nights. When your lovely, mischievous smile flickers off-screen this Sunday, the cultural IQ of Gooberstan will return to that of a cauliflower. Best wishes in your future endeavors and do come back to see us.

FROM: Louise Wilson
DATE: 5/25/05

I can't image Sunday nights in Boise, Idaho, without Tina Brown at 6pm! Your show is the only truly intelligent, fun and informative program on TV...classy, stylish, and cool! Please don't go away...I would die in a cultural wasteland!

FROM: Michelle McMaster (Lincoln, NE)
DATE: 5/25/05
      Since hearing the awful news about 2 weeks ago I have struggled with finding the right words to express my dismay and disappointment. They still evade me, suffice it to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your program and will just as thoroughly miss tuning in every Sunday - I never missed an episode.
      I wonder where I will go now for civil discourse - Charlie Rose is good of course, but I will miss the entertainment factor your show provided as well. I was always enlightened, entertained, and informed; I am almost embarrassed to say how much I looked forward to it. I have always considered myself your biggest fan and most loyal viewer; I can't imagine one more disappointed.
      The end of the program is more an indictment of the viewing public than the content of your show. Those of us who watched really loved it.
      I will look forward to the publishing of your book on Princess Diana. Please let us know what else you will be doing so we will know where to go for our "Tina fix".
      Thank you and your staff for such a wonderful effort.

FROM: Judah Rosen
DATE: 5/25/05

...I have arranged my Sunday schedule around your show since I first discovered it. I find the topics you choose to explore challenging, often humorous, and usually thought provoking. You have offered us a great choice of guests, and usually of round table members, though personally I do not understand your or anyone's appreciation of Stanley Crouch. But in totality, your show was a welcome respite in the wasteland of what comprises news and entertainment offered to the American public today.
P.S. Am I the only person who thinks the compromise in the Senate yesterday was nothing more than Republican blackmail?

FROM: Alex Vitalo (Maryland Public Television)
DATE: 5/25/05

      You can add me to the list of those who lament the demise of your program. It was one of the rare intelligent hours on television, and for me, a regular appointment. I've subscribed to all the publications you've edited and particularly miss Talk. When I heard that you were starting a television program, I had to tune in, and I was never disappointed. It was great fun to finally see all of the writers I had read for so long.
      ...I eventually found your quirkiness endearing. It made for a refreshing change from the plastic people that populate our airwaves. Even the commercial breaks improved. In the early going, I had to flee the room until the bolus-spewing steakhouse vomiter in the fabulously tasteless Royal Bank of Scotland ads was replaced by more anodyne fare like the Sleep Number Bed.
      Thanks for both interviews with the incredible Stephen Fry, a particular favorite of mine. I appreciated hearing all of your international guests. Much of our media keeps us hermetically sealed in a bubble of American thought and personalities and I valued your wider perspective.
      Thanks, too for the mention about PBS. If we do manage to survive, perhaps you'll consider bringing a future program to us. It's not as glamorous as NBC, but I can assure you, the public television audience knows the difference between William Blake and Robert Blake.
      I'm afraid I do not share your enthusiasm for all things royal, but I do wish you well with your book. I hope that when that project is finished you will soon return to editing or television

FROM: Karen Morss (Redwood City, CA)
DATE: 5/25/05

      Oh drat! First Dennis now you. I so looked forward to your show each week. You were one of the first programs I tivo'd. Smart, witty, erudite, such a blast of fresh air in otherwise dreary offerings.
      I have enjoyed each chapter of your career starting with Vanity Fair. I know that we will have something fun to look forward to with your next one!
      All the best to you and your family and enjoy your life and keep your soul.

FROM: Catherine Hicks
DATE: 5/24/05

I love, love, love your show. You are the best! The format is fabulous with great variety, but I feel like I am losing a friend---first when you left Vanity Fair, then the New Yorker, and now with Topic A. I can't wait until our paths cross again.

FROM: Harvey W. Wiener (South Egremont, MA)
DATE: 5/24/05

      I was sorry to hear that TOPICAWITHTINABROWN's days are numbered.
      As an aging babyboomer, ex- New Yorker who remembers the heyday of talk shows such as the Tonight Show (with Carson), David Susskind, and Dick Cavitt, who had guests such as Gore Vidal, Lillian Hellman, Truman Capote, Orson Welles, Hepburn, Olivier, etc, and other intellectuals, I always looked forward to your stimulating interviews with current movers, shakers, moguls, taste-makers, artists, and the like, who would not normally have a forum on commercially supported TV.
      In an era of fake news, fake celebrities, and a President who would go to war over fake evidence (and is asked questions by fake news reporters), I looked forward to hearing the stimulating give-and-take between you and your guests, combined with some incisive media analysis not found anywhere on TV.
      My Sunday nights will be much less rewarding. I guess there's always Desperate Housewives.

FROM: Beth Amil
DATE: 5/24/05

No, no, no! Tell me it isn't so! This is your last show. I am depressed. I looked forward to Sun nights and your great guests and the "hot picks" I have been a fan of yours for many years and will find you wherever you are. Best of luck!

FROM: Bridge
DATE: 5/24/05

      I can't tell you how sorry I am that Topic A is cancelled. It is the only TV show I watch these days. I will miss it greatly. And I will miss you. As I wrote to you last year after I discovered your show: Topic A rocks! I have a date with it every Sunday. (Then you read my email on the air and I was thrilled to bits.)
      ...Also, the majority of the panel members were people I didn't mind listening to every now and then. Even though there were a few...but that's water under the bridge. Without you, Tina, I wouldn't have known about the fabulous James Wolcott whose blog I now read every day.
      I hope you can come back, Tina. Until then I wish you well in everything you do. Thank you so much for putting Topic A on the air. It was a delight.

FROM: Mitzi Morris
DATE: 5/24/05

I will really miss your show. It has been amusing, informative, and most of all...interesting. I've felt as though I was reading a scrumptious, hip magazine for adults. Sadly, our rating system is aligned with juveniles, or adults with juvenile minds. Thanks for all the pleasurable viewing...and hoping you turn up in some venue really soon.

FROM: Candace Dean (Seattle, WA)
DATE: 5/24/05

      Dear could you ever think that hosting a witty, sophisticated, intellectual, cultural program could ever compete with the tasty revulsion of Fear Factor or the schmaltzy sentimentality of Extreme Home Makeover or even what passes as contemporary glamour and brainlessness of someone like Jessica Simpson? I mean, really, Tina! What were you thinking???
      Seriously, I will miss you and your show. Don't give up. Do something even better!

FROM: Barbara Joslin
DATE: 5/24/05

I am so going to miss your show. I have truly looked forward to Sunday nites, due to your show.
It is really a loss, especially in these times, and just wanted to let you know how much I respect what you've done and how much you'll be missed.

FROM: Jane Hoffman
DATE: 5/24/05

I cannot believe that my favorite TV program is going off the air. It is a 'MUST SEE' on Sunday night...

FROM: Mike Letizia
DATE: 5/24/05

I am truly saddened to hear that Topic A will no longer be seen MSNBC... Virtually all of "talk" television has been turned into a disgusting morass of polarizing screamers, but Topic A has been a greatly appreciated (by me anyway) exception with intelligent, informed people opining on matters high-minded and low in a way that is forthright yet civilized, and often unexpected and smartly funny. There is no other program on American television that offers what Topic A does. I will cross my fingers and hope that Tina can come back with new incarnation of a similar program that offers all the wonderful things that Topic A has. Thank you for many fine programs.

FROM: JBlacks
DATE: 5/24/05

I have thoroughly enjoyed, learned, been angered, and always looked forward to your shows. You will be is disappointing your show did not receive its proper due but I, for one, hope you'll return in print or on tv again. thank you.

FROM: Carol Fertig
DATE: 5/24/05

B-U-M-M-E-D!!!!! Finally a program I look forward to... A perfect pitch of high, low and in-between. Intelligence with an edge (and a sense of wit) and totally engaging to boot... What's next? Please keep informed as to where I can watch you guys next. Too good to be lost.

FROM: Kate Teipel
DATE: 5/24/05

Missing you already... What will I read now? I have enjoyed so many of your hot picks -- Eleanor Rigby, Pompeii, Life of Pi, music, movies, and on and on. I am not the only one who will miss your show.

FROM: Liz Vasti
DATE: 5/24/05

So sorry to hear that one of the best shows on TV is ending.
I will miss your smart stories, ideas, and hot picks each week.
Thanks for so many hours of great viewing.

FROM: Pearl McElheran (Seattle, WA)
DATE: 5/24/05

I have enjoyed the mix of people and views and the mix of serious and light stories that make up your show. The guests have been interesting, sometimes enraging, and almost always fun. I'm always attentive to the Hot Picks and sometimes even follow up by reading the book or seeing the movie. My Sunday night won't be the same without your show. I'll miss it. Best wishes for your next venture.

FROM: Neil Tilley
DATE: 5/24/05

So sorry to see the show disappear. It was the highlight of Sunday evening. The only show on CNBC I watched.
Thanks for many really enjoyable shows.
The best of luck with your book.

FROM: Todd Marciniak (Waterloo, Ontario)
DATE: 5/23/05

This is jus to say that I'm absolutely gutted to find out that "Topic A with Tina Brown" will be leaving the airwaves. I love the show - thank you to Ms Brown and her team for a great show!! My Sunday nights will be the lesser for it.

FROM: Bryan Levi
DATE: 5/23/05

Tina- you had an email of mine up on the site when there were only about a dozen or so, and I have not missed an episode of your show since. A friend of mine told me he heard Topic A was going off the air, but I chose not to believe him. Now I have the latest episode on pause (thanks Tivo,) and came to express my great regret. You have been a beacon on television, much like you were at the New Yorker. Please tell me there is some other capacity we will be able to get your views, interviews, and great political insight.
Good luck in whatever else you do...Thanks!

FROM: Marsha Livson (New Hyde Park, NY)
DATE: 5/23/05

I can't tell you how upset your leaving has made me. I looked forward to every week, especially the I will miss them! Movies I would never have seen, I have seen. Books I would never have read....watching your show is one of the "smart" things about TV. I truly believe Moynihan was correct. There has been a dumbing down of America and now I don't have one of the only intelligent shows to watch. How sad for me and the many people who care. Where will we get this wonderful kind of information? Certainly nowhere on TV, where we are doomed to Trump, Britney Spears and the Gotti thing...oy, vey! as we used to say. Good luck and I'll miss this show.

FROM: Donna (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
DATE: 5/23/05

I love your show... the range of topics, of guests and always enjoy the guests & subjects for the round table and look forward to the hot picks. I'm so sorry to hear that you are leaving. You and your show will be missed by a fan from Canada.

FROM: Tamara Rawitt
DATE: 5/23/05

      Tina, Tina, Tina, I am bereft hearing that this week will be the final broadcast of Topic A. What are we smartypants, 18-Late Boomers to do without your provocative, incisive and thoughtful show?
      Maybe if you and your weekly coterie of brilliant guests were streaking across continents, voting one another off after each episode you could have camouflaged all the great conversations and information and still endured.
      Thank goodness I TIVO 'd you for posterity.

FROM: Dennis Callan
DATE: 5/23/05

I was crushed to hear you are leaving the air. This is especially disappointing on the heels of departures by 60 Minutes 2 and Bill Moyers. In our world of 24/7 "news" on five(?) channels, there is really nothing that compares to you or the other 2 shows. It's no wonder our society is in such strange condition. Congratulations on having put together such an intelligent program and I hope to see you again.

FROM: Amy & Bernard Most (Scarsdale, NY)
DATE: 5/23/05

We love your show.
As far as we're concerned, CNBC is losing their "Hot Pick."

FROM: Patricia Carland (Shingletown, CA)
DATE: 5/23/05

      Woe is me and anyone else who treasured your wonderful show, which unbelievably ends next Sunday. Intelligent conversation led by a strong woman is obviously too much for Americans immersed in the likes of FOX and its in-your-face bombastic delivery and lock-step jingoism.
      You will be sorely missed, Tina. Thanks for what was a terrific show and for letting us get to know you. Your wit always took me by surprise and I laughed out loud many times, followed by an enthusiastic, "You get 'em, Tina!"
      Best of luck in the future.

FROM: Jeff Turner (Gates Mills, OH)
DATE: 5/23/05

Sorry to see you leave. Topic A is one of the most HIP programs on the wasteland of TV. I watch every week.

FROM: Patricia Plettner
DATE: 5/23/05

Topic [A] is my favorite show. It is so smart, fast moving, quick thinking. Extremely well produced. I would not think of missing it. I am deeply saddened to hear this show is ending. Why? Tina, you are bright, fair, compassionate, fast thinking, and transparently real. This format was perfect for you. However, you cannot possibly believe your promos about Britney Spears' show.

FROM: Yanira Ambert (Los Angeles, CA)
DATE: 5/23/05

      I recently moved back to the states from Europe and was delighted to have discovered your show. It is absolutely brilliant!
      When watching your show, time just passes flies. I crave to hear more from yourself and your intriguing guests. Such insightful topics and intelligent conversations.
      I am SHOCKED of your announcement that the show will end. WHY?! Is this your decision?
      Thank you for a wonderful television experience.
      I applaud you, once again, for a wonderful achievement. I was a huge fan of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Talk magazines, due to your style and ability.
      You will be truly missed.

FROM: Mary Hagen
DATE: 5/23/05

What a loss for all of us not to have your show to comfort us all on Sundays... I've been telling everyone for months to watch and you now have a large fan base in Southern California.

FROM: Karen Heniger (Connecticut)
DATE: 5/23/05

      tina, don't go...
      am so sorry that i only signed on to viewership when brian lamb stopped booknotes. tina, there are way more than 4,000 people watching you. very few of your core viewers would ever allow a "meter reader" to be attached to their tv sets.
      so very unfortunate ... i've followed you in Vanity Fair and New Yorker ... but watching you in motion is terrific. i would have emailed sooner, but assumed hopeless ...
      maybe you'll surface someplace new ... on the television .... let's hope nothing happens to Desert Island Discs ...
      keep us posted ...

FROM: Peter Ryder (Cedar Rapids, IA)
DATE: 5/23/05

As a long term expat. Brit, living in Iowa it was always a pleasure watching your program (and you)! Your weekly show has been required viewing whenever the opportunity presented itself. Naturally I was quite shocked and disappointed to learn your show will be ending this week...

FROM: Patrick Phillips
DATE: 5/23/05

Dear Tina:
      I have long been impressed with the genuine enthusiasm you convey toward the topics discussed on your show each week. Whether you're debating media, politics or popular culture, your passion is obvious, and makes for compelling television. I'm going to miss Topic A.
      Thank you for announcing the winner of my Web site's annual vote for "Media Person of the Year" on your show. In my book, you're the "Media Person of the Year" every year.
      Best regards,
      Patrick Phillips
      Founder, I Want

FROM: John Cass (Half Moon Bay, CA)
DATE: 5/23/05

      I am going to miss your show. It was so much a part of my Sunday viewing. You had great guests. I've read books, seen movies, listened to music they -- and you -- recommended. A couple of times, when a book I had read or was currently reading was recommended, I felt really cool.
      I am really going to miss Topic A. I hope someone reads this message and passes it along to the producers.
      Good luck with whatever you do.

FROM: Ron Kirchhoff (Potsdam, NY)
DATE: 5/23/05

Yours was the only program I would look forward to watching on a weekly basis. Great guests, interesting topics (which never avoided controversy), wonderful "Hot Picks" and the finest host in broadcasting. I certainly hope that you and your fine staff will someday make another attempt at reminding us that "adult programming" shouldn't mean widescreen genitalia for the "culturally challenged." Thank you for all of your fine work. America needed your program. You will be missed.

FROM: Janet Katz
DATE: 5/23/05

You are the brightest spot on TV. I am so sorry you are being faded out.

FROM: Katherine Weathers (Huntsville, AL)
DATE: 5/23/05

I am very disappointed to learn that next week will mark your final show. I look forward to it every week. You have such smart guests and cover interesting subject matters with a variety of points of view and age groups represented. I hope you will find another television outlet for a similar type show.

FROM: Leslie Kallen (Sherman Oaks, CA)
DATE: 5/23/05

Topic A is my favorite show on television, because it's a perfect blend of all things interesting, AND, it's not the same old same old. Plus, I got the best turn-ons, such as Headbutler and Rude Pundit, which I read daily!And I also listened to and watched a lot of new and interesting people, including Mid Eastern filmmakers, James Wolcott, Toure, etc. etc. REALLY gonna miss you all.

FROM: Ellen Hopkins
DATE: 5/23/05

I am very sorry to hear that this program is going off the air. I have watched it from the beginning, and have always learned something. Tina Brown is the best and looks fabulous.

FROM: Ray March (Columbia, MO)
DATE: 5/23/05

Since I discovered your show a while back I've attempted to watch it weekly. I really like the mixture of topics. Your show is unlike any other news show currently. Learning that your next show is the last made me very sad. I will really miss it. I certainly hope the show is going off because you want to go on to other things and not the network canceling your show. There are so few shows on that I feel really capture the important issues and I think they're going to become fewer. Our view of the US and the world seems to be getting narrower so a show like yours is very important. You will be greatly missed.

FROM: Bonnie Sonder (Merion Station, PA)
DATE: 5/23/05

      Topic A had become one of my favorite shows of the week. Sort of a cocktail before Deadwood or Desperate Housewives or whatever else HBO featured Sunday nights. I am going to miss your sparkling personality and wit and intelligence.
      ...Topic A stood out from all the other programs CNBC undertook this year...If CNBC were smart they would have programmed Topic A not just on Sunday nights, but during the week too.
      Just wanted to let you know you did a magnificent job and your show was one I looked forward to and I never missed.
      End of a short era. What's next? Hopefully something along the same line as Topic A as it was a very cool concept. I must fit the perfect demographic for the show because it sure got to me and
      I respect you and will miss you and Topic A very much.
      P.S. Last night's lineup of guests was one of the best ever, especially the brilliant James Wolcott.

FROM: Barbara Kaiser (Albany, NY)
DATE: 5/23/05

While America mourns the passing of Everybody Loves Raymond, I mourn the loss of Topic A with Tina Brown, one of the truly "smart" programs in the vast wasteland that is American TV. 200 channels and nothing on. I guess you are just too sophisticated for us rubes, Tina.

FROM: Ann Weaver
DATE: 5/23/05

I remember, fondly, the cartoon cover of the carriage ride through Central Park when you arrived at the New Yorker. I have really enjoyed your Topic A program for several months now. As I listened to your interview with Dan Rather in this week's program, I found myself thinking of how energetic your program has been, how your questions have had a crisp, fresh, distinct perspective and wondering why the network news programs aren't looking closer at your program for ideas on communicating with an audience... Thank you, Tina Brown, for your wit, your insights, and for the many gauntlets you've thrown down.

FROM: Parandeh Kia (Santa Monica, CA)
DATE: 5/23/05

      I don't know if we should be sad or infuriated that your show is scheduled to end!
      After the pathetic transformation of CNN's news shows to coverage of tabloid-style stories (News Night with Aaron Brown - what a joke of a title that is) we were shocked to learn that your program is to end soon.
      Where else on TV/cable would we get to see Salameh Nematt and Iraqi Media Network's Executive Producer Kristin Whiting on the same show?
      Do we have to go to George Soros to set up a new cable station in the US so we can get any decent news? How about HBO? What do we have to do in this country to keep people like you as our gatekeeper? Please advise!
      Please let us know where to tune-in for your next project. Already miss you!

FROM: Sheilah Hanour
DATE: 5/23/05

      ...On Sunday nights around 8pm, I have finally finished with dinner, dishes, lunches for Monday, and I look so forward to finally sitting and relaxing watching your show.
      Tonight's show is a good reason why I enjoyed your show: Stanley Crouch, Natasha Richardson and Dan Rather are big names with interesting stories to tell. The show is very "New York Intellectual." I think what the show was trying to be, was just way over the heads of most viewers.
      I'll miss the show very much.

FROM: Julia Burns (Tucson, AZ)
DATE: 5/23/05

I am truly upset that one of the very few bright spots on TV is going away. With television, and, in my view this country at an abysmal place in history, we need all of the intelligent beings left out there to be accessible, not quieted. We are now left with occasional moments on C-Span and (temporarily, I'm afraid, PBS and NPR). I wish you great success, but please know that you and the refreshing change that you brought to the nadir in entertainment that TV has become will be sorely missed.

FROM: Alida Hondas
DATE: 5/23/05

      One by one, every TV show in America that is outrageous enough to promote intellectual thought is disappearing. From sophisticated comedy, to drama not saturated with gratuitous violence, to news...nearly every program of quality is disappearing.
      Sadly, 24-hour news coverage is now no more than psycho-babble about why the "runaway bride" and others who's actions don't affect our world do the goofy things they do.
      Every Sunday I have looked forward to pouring a glass of fine wine, sitting down with Tina and a group of intelligent and fascinating people and learning something new, smiling at something witty, being touched by something meaningful. Watching Topic A has been like being invited to an incredible dinner party each week and being surrounded by a group of brilliant guests at the table.
      Will we be left with nothing but crazy Paris and her "simple" life, or her mother, Kathy, teaching us how we too can learn to be a Hilton!
      Tina, you're one of a'll be missed...come back soon!

FROM: Josie Schodrof
DATE: 5/23/05

Tina, Tina, Tina You're breaking my heart. While watching your show tonight I think you said that you were going off the air. Tell me my age is compromising my hearing. You are the best show of its type on television...WAIT, you are the only show of its type on the air.

FROM: Jack Huberman (New York, NY)
DATE: 5/23/05

I've really liked the show. That's why I'm not was too good to last.
Re: Britney Spears' reality show: I'm glad you featured it. It's always nice to confirm that some "cultural" phenomenon or celebrity you've successfully ignored for years was in fact utterly devoid of interest or merit all along.
Bye, thanks for the show.

FROM: Sandra Pitts (Savannah, GA)
DATE: 5/23/05

      Tina, I know you will still be out there, somewhere. But I really loved staying up to get a jolt from you, your panel and guests. After losing Bill Maher, Connie Chung, etc. I just started banking on your input. Why should we live without your input???       Well, The Daily Show is my other sanctuary.       Your picks are important, I will feel a great void there. Thanks for bringing Dan Rather out for the show, and please are greatly loved for your work.

FROM: Scott Olschansky (Marietta, GA)
DATE: 5/23/05

I can't believe my ears, one of the only decent shows on T.V. is going off the air. I was just about to feel hopeful again, but now my hopes are dashed once again. What does it take for intelligent, entertaining and provocative shows to stay on the air? Bravo to you all!! but I am sad :(

FROM: Lynn Harmon (Gresham, OR)
DATE: 5/23/05

oh, no!!! no more Topic [A] with Tina Brown
i blame you . . . for making it so good
i'm going to miss the intelligent conversation - thank you for that

FROM: William Pirkel (San Francisco, CA)
DATE: 5/22/05

I have loved you since Vanity Fair, not so much with Talk but again with Topic A. Whenever Sunday night comes, I think "oh boy...8 pm...Topic A!" You will be missed.

FROM: Estelle Lieber
DATE: 5/22/05

You said "opine," so I will do so. I've watched every week and you've introduced me to so many people that have only been words on a printed page. From Armstrong Williams, who pushed his agenda which I disliked, to Pelosi's daughter who was so young and outspoken. It's been a delight for me...There were a few shows when the conversation became so stimulating that I felt as if I was part of a sophisticated group. It became fiery and funny. You did a good job and your ideas are great! I will miss you and nothing on TV comes close.

FROM: Cindy Ashcraft
DATE: 5/22/05

I discovered your show almost a year ago, and was hooked immediately. I found it refreshing to see a host of a news show actually listening to her guests and responding with intelligent comments or questions, as well as refreshing to see a host who obviously has fun doing her show. I have rarely missed a show. Saw today that next week is your last. Why? ...Please tell me you will be setting up to do another show on another channel. I will gladly follow. Thank you again for an enlightening and enjoyable show

FROM: Bob Wiener (Naples, FL)
DATE: 5/22/05

Oh, what a shame that you are leaving the air. There is nothing else like you and Topic A on the whole tube. I have been a loyal viewer down here in Naples, Florida and don't know what I shall do without Topic A. I understand you are going back to England to write a biography about Princess Diana...Do come back to American TV when your book writing is done.

FROM: Alvin J. Silk
DATE: 5/22/05

I want you to know I'll miss Topic A, a rare and valued treat for me, and doubtless many, but not enough, other viewers. You are a person of exceptional talent and taste. I'm confident you will re-appear elsewhere -- I'll be watching.

FROM: Chris Green
DATE: 5/22/05

I had hoped that the first time you said next week's was the last show that you meant for the season. However, by the end of tonight's programme I realised you meant that this was the final, final show. i'm disappointed. I totally enjoyed the show and looked forward to watching it as a part of my Sunday night line one night of TV each week. The only good TV night. Darn... I hope you do something else on TV or in print soon.

FROM: Eleanor
DATE: 5/22/05

I am so sorry to hear that you will be going off the air. I have really enjoyed your shows and looked forward to them every Sunday. Hope you will be back soon. Really enjoyed your conversations with guests and the variety of personalities.

FROM: Mark Harmon DATE: 5/22/05 This show has been a breath of fresh air and will be truly missed.

FROM: David J. Marcou
DATE: 5/22/05

Though your show can be infuriating occasionally, the great bulk of commentary and interviews has been first-rate material; it's a shame you'll be going off the air. Tonight, for instance, I saw Natasha Richardson, who reminds very much of her mother, with perhaps a little less save-the-world spirit in her, thank God, talk about her Blanche DuBois role on Broadway, and the problems with Americans not having at least a partially subsidized theatre system, and having to put all their eggs in one basket. As a sometimes playwright who would love to be produced on Broadway or anywhere that takes my plays seriously, I wish New York would be a bit more open to people without 'all the right connections.' In any case, your show gives a lot of people I'd never heard of, a chance to opine, along with the famous people you have on, and for that you have done a service to talk shows everywhere. By the way, Stanley Crouch is great, and Christopher Hitchens is usually positively provocative, but should get straight about Mother Teresa, who was a better person than he lets on. Thanks for your program's resonance for far longer than it's been on.

FROM: Virginia Wilson
DATE: 5/22/05

What!!! WHY?????? I can't stand this - everything good is going.

FROM: John Schultz (Seattle, WA)
DATE: 5/22/05

What a shock to read that your show is ending in a couple of weeks. To say the least, my wife and I will miss it terribly. Without fail, no matter the other obligations we might have, we make it to a TV to bring you into our lives once a week. Like many of your viewers, we listen attentively to the interviews and cull the hot picks for future reference. We have met so many interesting people through your show - when will we ever see them again? When will we ever see the likes of you again? It's very sad to see you go.

FROM: Jane A. Nelson (Westmount, Quebec)
DATE: 5/19/05

      I saw your programme last Sunday but to my complete amazement, read the very next morning you have cancelled your show!!
      Well - I enjoyed it while it lasted & know, after your book on Diana, you'll pop up again & enlighten, amuse & entertain us once more.

FROM: Chris Keane
DATE: 5/16/05

I have only discovered and enjoyed Topic A for the last several months -- but in that time I have come to really look forward to you, your topics and your guests. I am so sorry to hear that my pleasure is to be short-lived. I certainly hope you go on to do something else as interesting and enjoyable for the rest of us! Please pass along to Eddie Hayes that it has been a delight to feel like I've had an occasional visit with an old friend.

FROM: Georgine W. Blaney
DATE: 5/16/05

I found your show by accident. I enjoy it very much and watch it faithfully. I am so sorry that it isn't going to be on anymore. You and your show were interesting and fun. You treated your guests with respect, and even if you didn't like them, I didn't notice hostility. And one more important point: you weren't always talking. I hope you create another show just like it and not change a thing.

FROM: Susan Walker & Family (Vancouver, Canada)
DATE: 5/16/05

I read that (rather) bitchy column in the NY Times. How sad. Your show is our family's "must see" moment on Sunday evenings at 5 p.m. (Pacific time) We (five of us, aged 21 to 54) LOVE the show and we usually end up discussing it over dinner... Last night's show was one of the your very best! You have become a very relaxed and lively host.

FROM: Christopher Nelson (New York, NY)
DATE: 5/16/05

I was disheartened to see in the NY Times today that your show is coming to an end. Every week Topic A is my only must-see on television. What a pleasure to spend an hour with you and your guests in "the conversation." Thanks so much for taking me along even for the unfortunately short time we've had. I had hoped that Topic A would go on for years. All the best in your next projects and to their well-deserved success. I will miss you.

FROM: Colette Novich
DATE: 5/16/05

      What a disappointment to read that you're moving on to other ventures. "I hope you're a bit smarter", you ended your show last night. I always am. It astounds me that I could be so interested and involved each opportunity I have to listen to your you! I'm constantly saying "yes...yes" to your opinions. Thank you for crossing my path and making this world a better place.
      And I still want to be a groupie. What's next? All the so deserve it.

FROM: Libby Breen (Los Angeles, CA)
DATE: 5/16/05

I'm very sorry to read today that the show is ending on May 29th...this was a smart show in an odd time slot but it was a weekly try and see for me. Good luck to Tina Brown on her next venture...I will miss the hot picks and good discussions without the brass knuckles.

FROM: Nancy Bowitch
DATE: 5/16/05

I was very disappointed to read that your show is going the way of many other great, interesting and intellectually stimulating television fare...I will miss you and your guests and the conversations...although, you seem too interested in the world to need to rehash Diana, i wish you all the best and will again miss your show...

FROM: Lisa Clemens (Minneapolis, MN)
DATE: 5/16/05

I just read that May 29 will be your last show. I am so disappointed - Sunday nights are "Tina" in our house. You've been the freshest show, with great guests, topics and I love the hot picks! Best wishes for your next adventure.

FROM: Ilene Lieberman
DATE: 5/16/05

I was so sorry to hear that you're giving up the show this month. I look forward to it every Sunday and will miss the intelligent conversation. I feel as if I'm attending one of you dinner parties. What can I watch now? I wish you luck in your new writing venture, Diana. Be kind, she's gone and can't defend herself.

FROM: Ron Acher
DATE: 5/11/05

REALLY sorry to hear you are ending the show in just a few weeks. Your show is the only absolute must-see in the TV schedule...

FROM: Peachypeach28
DATE: 5/10/05

I am a fan and just read that you are leaving television for the moment. I, like many others, will be very sad to see you go. I will miss you leading us in intelligent discussion and debate. While you sometimes have guests that I absolutely abhor, I never feel as if they are just giving the standard 10 word answer for the newscycle. Unlike the run of the mill cable pundits your show has given a lot of these people dimension. You will definitely be missed.
Oh, for a hot pick: The History of Love by Nicole Krause
A beautifully written, bittersweet tale of enduring love (romantic and familial), with mystery & history.

FROM: Donna Sevilla (San Diego, CA)
DATE: 5/9/05

I just read your post on about the final Topic A shows. I'm a talk show junkie who has grown weary of watching the same guests talk about the same subject on CNN, MSNBC, and elsewhere. You chose interesting guests with interesting perspectives who weren't on every other show 24/7/365. I hope you'll resurface on the airwaves.

FROM: Brenda Costello (Canada)
DATE: 5/9/05

I hear the show is ending. I can't believe it; it's my Sunday night fix after 60 Minutes -- and usually a whole lot better. Please say it isn't so.

FROM: Bill E.
DATE: 5/9/05

I'm going to miss your show.

FROM: Marion Lear Swaybill (New York City)
DATE: 5/9/05

I read in today's trades that you are canceling Topic A... I'm so sorry. It's the best hour of talk anywhere on television - always interesting, fresh, surprising and entertaining. Good luck with whatever is next.

FROM: Carol Goodman (San Francisco, CA)
DATE: 5/9/05

      I just read on James Wolcott's blog that the plug is going to be pulled on Topic A.
      My Consort and I watch your show each week & adore its melange of politics, arts, culture, gossip & conviviality. I can't tell you how many good movies I've seen and books I've read based on the Hot Picks Section. The civility of your guests -- especially at the Editor's Roundtable -- is a refreshing change.
      ...I hope this decision is reconsidered. You have an editor's infallible ear and eye for wonderful stories & your show is a delight. I know that whatever happens, you will come up trumps. You always do.

FROM: Monica Fox
DATE: 5/9/05

Say it ain't so that you are leaving the show. It's appointment television for me and I will surely miss you.

FROM: Anne Webber (Portsmouth, NH)
DATE: 5/9/05

      In mourning... [for] the only intelligent and fun talk show on cable. I am not British, but I have to say : "Bloody hell"! I've checked out many of the show's hot picks and have found some of your interviews quite thought provoking. Other interviews have been just fun - but grown up fun, clever fun.
      ...There are so many people out there who are dying for interesting, smart, engaging news and media shows. And, we aren't all coastal elites. I am middle class midwesterner who now lives in Portsmouth NH (by the way, the panel discussion on America's ruling class got it wrong; America isn't a meritocracy -- class matters here). There is less and less out there for us who really care about our culture.
      So, a belated thank you for your work. Please don't disappear from the public eye. Publish something! Do another show! We need you.

FROM: Steve Fung (Portland, OR)
DATE: 5/9/05

Tina: I just read your entry on A. Huffington's new web page. I am saddened that you will be giving up doing your tv show. Trust me, when you first went on CNBC, I told everyone that yours was a breath of fresh air and a non-shout down talk show that normal people could actually watch. I will miss you, your panel discussions and book reviews. Good luck on your book! Please come back on network tv soon.

FROM: Mort Persky (New York City)
DATE: 5/9/05

Dear Tina-- By now most of us have heard that you're deserting us in favor of writing a deeply necessary addition to the overstuffed Princess Diana library. I don't doubt you'll do a good job, but it sounds like cold potatoes next to Topic A, or as I think of it (with the help of your British elocution), Toppie Kaye. What gives? Explain yourself to us, the bereaved.

FROM: Rodelle Karpman (Beverly Hills, CA)
DATE: 5/9/05

Don't leave!!!! One of the most interesting shows EVER!!!! Multi task....write your book and keep the show! We are intellectually anorexic here in the flats of Beverly Hills.

FROM: Roger Grodsky (Cincinnati, OH)
DATE: 5/9/05

      I was so sorry to read that you are quitting the show. It has been a true breath of fresh air and has been one of the only places on TV where people of differing beliefs actually have a CONVERSATION instead of yelling opposite opinions at one another. Also, there were many books and things I would not have read or watched or even known about had it not been for your show, including a novel recommended by Stanley Crouch and WONDER SHOWZEN on TV (eek!).       I began subscribing to THE NEW YORKER when you were the editor (and am pleased to say that it remains a fabulous magazine). I have had a personal stake in TOPIC A ever since mine was the first email you ever read on the air (about how scary George Bush was).       I will surely miss you.

FROM: Lyn Bailey Gumowski (Charleston, WV)
DATE: 5/9/05

Please know that you created a unique tv piece -- always unpredictable, great new and fresh faces. All in the know and funny as heck. I hope you find a new format for hot picks, please, please.

FROM: Sylvia Silliman (Santa Fe, NM)
DATE: 5/9/05

      I just read from James Wolcott that Topic A has been canceled. I always looked forward to the show, and usually I watched it and all its repeats. I was shocked that CNBC had such a great program....
      Topic A was always full of interesting people that I would never have been able to see anywhere else, and Tina was a large part of the fun: always in a great mood, laughing, and chatting with true knowledge of all the subjects. I wish I were Tina Brown-- I wish I could just be invited to one of her parties.
      ...Thanks for the great shows.

FROM: Christine Cain (New York City)
DATE: 5/8/05

      Loved the show and am sorry it is ending. I was a faithful viewer from the beginning, and I recommended it to everyone. There won't be anything to watch on Sunday evenings now.
      I especially appreciated the coverage the show gave to the porn branch of the entertainment business (Judith Regan, Toni Bentley, Brian Grazer, etc). I only wonder why Tina Brown did not have Legs McNeil on to talk about 'the Other Hollywood'.

FROM: Nancy Casey
DATE: 5/8/05

      Tina -- Sorry to hear the show is ending. I wish you well in your adventure.
      I will miss your show. I think it is the only news/entertainment talk show that is truly objective. Your guests always discuss all sides of the issue.
      Thank you for providing this interesting forum.

FROM: Richard David
DATE: 5/8/05

Your show was one of the two I looked forward to and Tivo'd regularly. It was one of the most intelligent and civil shows available. You are a smart, quick host and always handled the panel skillfully. Thanks for the entertainment and information. I am very saddened to see it disappear. But I have no doubts you will resurface on television somewhere in a format just as good and just as intelligent. Best wishes.

FROM: Anita Garner
DATE: 5/8/05

Dear Tina, say it isn't so. You can't go. What you bring to television is utterly unique. I've followed your career in print for years and have enjoyed everything you've been associated with. I wish you great success with your next effort - but please come back to television again - sometime, somewhere.

FROM: Randall McCall
DATE: 5/8/05

      I STILL have the first Vanity Fair under your editorship from the 1980s (with Daryl Hannah on the cover) and was a fan of your New Yorker and Talk. I like SMARTS.
      And now you are leaving Topic A???
      You are the ONLY Undesparate Housewife I wanna spend my Sunday nights with. You will be missed immensely, and then some!

FROM: Victoria
DATE: 5/8/05

      I am so sorry to hear that you're ending your show but understand the need to devote time to the Diana book.
      Topic A was an oasis of intelligent adult discussion and the format was great; focusing on pop culture and serious subject matter. I will miss the editors' round table and picks.
      It saddens me to realize that your cult following will be forced to watch interviews about karaoke performers and the women who love them. Good luck with the book and I hope you bring back the show when it's done.

FROM: Andrew Lea (Richmond, CA)
DATE: 5/8/05

Tina & Gang:
      I'm awfully sorry to learn that you will be shutting down the show. In my humble opinion, it's the most intelligent, current, and real talk on television these days...
      And ...there's just no one else on TV as smart and good-looking as Tina!

FROM: Jane C. Durango
DATE: 5/7/05

      I was sorry to read in The New York Times this morning that Topic [A] with Tina Brown is going off the air this month so that you can work on your book on Diana. You have no idea how much I enjoy your hip, entertaining and fascinating show. I hope that after you finish your book you'll be able to do a show again. Thank you for doing the show as long as you did. Just so you know, it was "appointment TV" for me on Sunday nights.

FROM: Ramaa
DATE: 5/7/05

So sorry you are leaving...and we will no longer have the classiest and most sophisticated show on TV.

FROM: Phil Miller (Louisville, KY)
DATE: 5/7/05

Ms.Brown, I have really enjoyed your show, Topic A, and am sorry to see you leave the air.
Can't understand what happened there, but wish you the very best in the future.

FROM: Nancy Cox (Wilmington, NC)
DATE: 5/7/05

      I'm a loyal viewer from a relatively small city in North Carolina. I'm very sad to hear that you've decided to end the show. It was one of the highlights of my week! Though, I guess I should feel somewhat like a member in a very exclusive club if the viewer numbers I saw were correct. (And I don't believe they really were!)
      As an educator of small children, one reason I always find your show so interesting is that you have such wonderful conversations with your guests. I feel like I finally get to go to the grown-up party! You have the most intelligent guests on television!
      I wish you the best of luck with your new book and certainly look forward to it coming out. Perhaps when that task is completed, we'll be treated to intelligent, witty, insightful conversation again.

FROM: J. Renehan
DATE: 5/6/05

My husband and I will miss your show. It was bound to happen --a smart, sophisticated show never seems to last. We tivo'ed every week and actually learned a thing or two from your guests. Good luck with your book.

FROM: Paula Bingham Goldstein (Los Angeles, CA)
DATE: 5/6/05

Yours is the most informative, compelling, and delicious chat/news show on television...Don't go. I'll miss Tina's wit and charm, the amazing guests, the really probing questions, and the Hot Picks (I've used as my personal reading list for some time now).

FROM: Bileta Henderson (Melbourne, FL)
DATE: 5/16/05
      This is only the 3rd time I have ever written a "Letter to the Editor," but I feel so strongly about this subject that I wanted someone to hear my point of view.
      I am a 62-year-old white Christian woman from red states (born in Texas, live in Florida) who spent more than a decade living in Muslim countries during the 80s & 90s... The first segment of your show last night was a prime example of why the Arabs don't trust us & are afraid of us, which is why they don't like us... Your Arab guest was clear as to the reasons... our government policy of saying one thing for the public & behaving in a completely different way that is a betrayal of citizens of both the US & Muslim countries. However, that wasn't even affirmed while your other 2 guests talked about "window dressing." Easy stuff that won't do any harm, but won't make much of a difference either. The question is: "Do you want to be right, or do you want a resolution?" It seems to me that we Americans just want to be right... resolution to problems that could be win/win are much too much hard work.
      Thanks for letting me have "my say"...

FROM: Bob Bakalish
DATE: 5/9/05

Enjoy your program immensely. Haven't seen this movie as a hot pick, amazingly: What the Bleep Do We Know, a movie discussing quantum physics, the mind, and God, is one of the best movies to come out in years.

FROM: Barbara Jackson (Winchester, VA)
DATE: 5/9/05

How dare your arrogant guest (can't remember his name) call Lynndie England "trailer trash." Who does he think joins the Reserves and is dying and being maimed for Bush's war but young people looking for an education they otherwise could not afford? There is not a Jenna or Barbara amongst them nor any other rich man's child. Sure, privates and other low ranks thought up the prison debacle all by themselves, tell your guest to get a reality check...

FROM: Guy Vantresca
DATE: 5/9/05

      I applaud your enthusiasm for understanding the Crusades after viewing Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven. Saw it on opening night and have to say that I look forward to the DVD so I can see Ridley's full version of over four hours. Seriously. Not only because the subject matter is so critical to comprehending our world today, but because the current version suffers from the editing process. I know there is a better epic film in there somewhere.
      Now on to the Hot Pick. Since you mentioned the Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades, how about the view from the other side? Amin Maalouf's The Crusades Through Arab Eyes. Maalouf's book has always been recommended by my Arabic friends and cousins whenever the topic comes up. Many, many people of the Arab world have been insulated from modernity. For them, the events of a thousand years ago are like yesterday's news. The massacre of almost every citizen of Jerusalem by the French knights of the First Crusade is used as proof of the imperialist aims of any western power that ventures to the Near East. (It also accounts for Ridley's disparaging view of the Templars in the film.) We, the citizens of the western democracies, can re-connect with our humanity through books such as this.

FROM: Trinquets
DATE: 5/8/05

Dr.Phil does not do therapy, he gives absolution. Pat O'Brien was not getting "therapy," he was submitting to public humiliation for his sins. Dr. Phil's brand of "therapy" has nothing to do with Psychotherapy and everything to do with Puritanism. Pat O'Brien was a naughty boy and has a need to be spanked. Dr. Phil was doing the spanking.

FROM: Susan Brodsky (Los Angeles, CA)
DATE: 5/3/05

      I am a fan and hope you continue to discuss and address current controversial topics. The rowdier the editor's desk round table the better.
      Please take a look at this cover for the journal Nature, April 28, 2005. There is a reader's advisory concerning a discussion of the dreaded topic of evolution.
      Perhaps you could have a debate/discussion on your show with the opposing views or maybe a picture of an ape reading the Bible....

FROM: Susan & Al Starr
DATE: 5/2/05

Delighted to discover your informative, unhyped, stimulating program tonight. Enjoyed, also, the input of "weekly delights" from your various reporters, but would prefer you gave them more than 15 seconds. My husband and I will view you again next week.

FROM: Richard Friedman (Canada)
DATE: 5/1/05

      Dear Tina, I just love your show...never miss it.
      Just to correct a slight error re: "Newspapers in the bathroom"...wireless allows one to take their laptop....ah, you get the idea.
      Film to see: strongly recommend Bliss, a film by Ray Lawrence, the director of the much acclaimed Lantana. It was made in 1985 and received the Golden Palm Award at that year's Cannes Festival. It deals with death in a most unique way.

FROM: Katrena Grant (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
DATE: 4/30/05

      I love your show. I look forward to looking at it every Sunday. I am a fan of the Arts and I have a master's degree in English and I think your journalism style is fresh and clean. I like the esoteric climate of the show, too.
      I have read Accident of Birth by Heather Neff and I keep looking for your smart guests to choose it as a "hot pick". Please read this book and share it with your fans!

FROM: Anita & Jordan Miller
DATE: 4/26/05

Dear Tina Brown:
      As avid devotees of your show, we were surprised and disappointed at your petty attack on Bob Kerrey last Sunday -- to say nothing about your cheap shot at John Kerry.
      Apparently, your nose was out of joint because you didn't like Kerrey's answers to your questions and also because he told you he was going to run for mayor and then later changed his mind. Your little display of temper was not worthy of you.
      Bob Kerrey is a bright, original thinker; and if we wanted John Kerry bashing we would turn to Fox.

FROM: Barry Ross Parnell (Palm Desert, CA)
DATE: 4/25/05

I found it very interesting that the two men on your Round Table defended Michael Jackson while the two women thought him guilty. What is interesting is that 90% of all pedophiles are men.

FROM: Donna Gable (Santa Monica, CA)
DATE: 4/25/05

why is it that many of the people who defend michael jackson by saying that it's no crime to be "weird" (histrionic, inconsistent, emotionally labile, immature, fill in the blanks), are the same ones who absolutely and unequivocally dismiss the testimony of certain witnesses guessed it -- they're "weird." what's good for the goose....!

FROM: Anand Yogendra (Tucson, AZ)
DATE: 4/25/05

Topic A is such a civilized show, tina; i watch it at least a couple of times every sunday in tucson, arizona. can you believe it, culture in tucson! i am definitely a tina groupie; Tina you are the best. all the good things to you and your show.

FROM: Hazel Espy
DATE: 4/25/05

This week's show was SHAMEFUL.
A rehash of what we saw all week on lesser shows. And THEN the worst of all...A panel yelling at each other about MICHAEL JACKSON!?!?!?!?
Tina, Tina, Tina, we count on you for FRESH, THOUGHTFUL ideas...for those of us who still believe in you, PLEEEEZE give us the Tina magic!!!

FROM: Ron & Mary Lou Ascher (Buffalo Grove, IL)
DATE: 4/21/05

      Long-time fans...loved what you did with Vanity Fair and, subsequently, Talk magazine... How excited we were to discover you and Topic [A] about a year ago and we have not missed a single program since! You, dear lady, are brilliant... you ask all the right questions and finesse your diverse guests beautifully. We have promoted your program to many friends who are addicted as well.
      We were delighted to see Bernard-Henri Levy and are most anxious for his [Atlantic Monthly articles] on America. Also eagerly await Alex Gibney's film about the Enron CEO's and what they really are and have done. The comment that they, Enron, had brought down the entire state of California was so crucial to the Enron debacle. Would have liked it had the involvement of the Bush family and this administration been brought out, however, as that is an issue so often missed in reference to the Enron crimes.
      A final thought on this week's program.... We must tell you we felt your pain interviewing Senator Bob Kerrey about "what is wrong with the Democratic party".... his reactions and answers to your questions showed him to be the quintessential example of that problem! He seemed not to have a clue what you were talking about... and you appeared ready to scream.... we screamed for you... Keep up the wonderful work!

FROM: Irene (San Francisco, CA)
DATE: 4/19/05

Dear Tina... Just logged on to get the name of Arianna Huffington's hot pick a couple of weeks ago...and can't resist letting you know how much both my husband and I enjoy you and the show. In the interests of full disclosure, we didn't love you so much when you were editor of The New Yorker. But Topic A is a gift. Great conversations and interesting guests (even the little twit who wasn't sure she could trust Liz Smith's 'reportage' was a hoot.) Thank you.

FROM: Brian
DATE: 4/18/05

Tina's a doll, plain and simple. And, with that penetrating gaze and those penetrating questions, she's the star of the show. I particularly like the mix of issues above and below the radar. The guests are usually top drawer as well!

FROM: William
DATE: 4/18/05

I am amazed how many people continue to tout Senator Clinton as a viable presidential candidate ... capable of obtaining that office. It won't happen. America is years away from electing a female to the highest office.

FROM: Katie465
DATE: 4/13/05

      I've enjoyed your show since the very beginning only because I recognized your name as the person who understands pop culture and what intelligent people respond to.
      I don't like your serious interviews and I have to tell you I don't know how you kept from laughing while interviewing Barbara Walters. Her interview with the Pres was ludicrous. She spent more time on the fact that the dog would not come to him than anything else. Dogs have good instincts.
      I do enjoy your discussions about books, movies, art, etc. and especially enjoy your panel with Toure and the female comedian and I have even got to like Ed Hayes a little... Anyway, keep on doing what you're doing and I'll suggest more later!

FROM: Jesse Gault (Portland, OR)
DATE: 4/13/05

Tina: I always watch your show when I'm home. It's consistently better than any other dish show on TV, done with intelligence and gusto. I always learn something. Someone should tell you how fabulous you are at least once a day.

FROM: Myra White
DATE: 4/13/05

      Sunday April 10, 2005...itwas an amazing hour; I look forward to your programme every week but last Sunday you outdid yourself. Having Stephen Fry, Bernard-Henri Levy and a contributing editor to Harpers within 30 minutes was amazing. Tina, your carefully guided dialogue brings out the best from your guests and allows them surprising scope within their 10 minutes.
      Your "hot picks" is the best. I am always ready with paper and pencil.
      Can we get Chris Matthews back in the 30 minutes preceding Topic A? Together you comprised the most cerebral 90 minutes of television each week, especially now that NOW is not what it was and Bill Moyers has retired. I miss him as well.
      Please tell CNBC to cherish you as I do!

FROM: Gillian Tucker (Victoria, Canada)
DATE: 4/13/05

Dear Tina,
      If you ever wonder who's out there watching every week, please don't think your only audience is the media elite and the savvy insiders of NYC. I live in Victoria on Vancouver Island, forty miles off the left hand side of Canada and next stop Japan, but I wouldn't miss your programme for the world. I'm sure I don't fit Topic A's demographics, but I'll bet I'm just one of thousands who feel the same way.
      What I like best about the programme are the questions you ask. They're exactly what a curious and uninhibited child would ask and if I were dean of a journalism school, I'd make your interviews mandatory viewing on Monday mornings. I especially loved this week's interview with the French intellectual [Bernard-Henri Levy]. His Gallic view of the world was incisive as well as enchanting and I'd enjoy hearing more about what other nations really think of North American culture...

FROM: Betty (Wallingford, CT)
DATE: 4/12/05

Pretty, polite hostess of a wonderful television program...that's Tina Brown. And I am addicted to "Topic A with Tina Brown" on Sunday nights. I make sure I never miss it...keep up the good work, Tina!

FROM: Muriel V. Lucier
DATE: 4/12/05

great show as usual. love liz smith, you should have her on more often... i believe her reporting more so than the people who want to tell you what's going on in their beds. I DONT CARE!!!!! keep up the great shows. but please don't tell us princess diana was crazy. i would be crazy if i was married to that kilt wearing boob...

FROM: Eileen Fay (Kingston, NY)
DATE: 4/11/05

      Once again, you have hands-down the best guests! I adore Stephen Fry; he is so talented, yet no other host on American TV would think of having him. Bless you!
      I was over the moon about the Charles and Camilla wedding, as I have loved him for thirty years and wished he would finally be happy for such a long time. She is perfect for him and he for her. (If I couldn't have him, anyway!) I wish the press would leave them alone, but I realize there's no chance. (They were gracious enough to send a sweet reply letter to my congratulations-on-the-engagement card of a couple of months ago.) Stephen's comments, as perfectly elicited by you, despite Heathrow, were charming. I only wish he could have had the whole hour!
      Then, you had only the smartest, sexiest Frenchman ever on! I had read Bernard-Henri Levy's Atlantic Monthly piece, and so was thrilled to bits to see/hear him with you. You lucky girl!
      Liz Smith and the others were fine, too, of course. You always have such a bright balance. I'm glad Don Imus finally came around to appreciating you, too...Keep up the good work, please!

FROM: Nancy Cunningham (Orchard Lake, MI)
DATE: 4/11/05

Topic A is my only television "appointment" of the week---absolutely my favorite tv program. It continues to fascinate me week after week thanks to the interesting blend of guests you host. It is the salon I aspire to attend (particularly if Bernard-Henri Levy is a guest!) Thanks for a great show.

FROM: Lydia Perovich (Halifax, Canada)
DATE: 4/11/05

      Nice show this week... well, up until the gossip columnist 'symposium' near the end. ...For my Hot Picks for this past week, I have Julian Barnes. Not only is he an unbeatable stylist but also a great connoisseur of the French civilization, which can't be said of that many Anglophones. Brits, Yankies, even Anglo-Canadians -- take heed, for Barnes has another great book about the Hexagon out. It's called Something To Declare and it's as deliciously erudite, funny and francophile as the books get these days.
      PS: By the way, is it true that Julian Barnes started off as a restaurant critic for the Tatler when Tina Brown was its editor-in-chief? And what caused the break-up of his friendship with Martin Amis? There you go, now I'm gossiping... I give up...

FROM: Todd Goldman (Lafayette Hill, PA)
DATE: 4/6/05

Re: Schiavo... As the media focused on the vulgar events in Florida, from a religious and moral position, I was overjoyed that you and your show covered the real story. Which was that she had a mental disease, bulimia, and unfortunately the situation she found her self in was self-induced. I can't thank you enough for rescuing the cause and effect of the story, that was completely highjacked by people that had an agenda. BRAVO!!!

FROM: Joanna Popper
DATE: 4/5/05

Thanks so much for the piece on eating disorder awareness recently regarding the Terri Schiavo case. Unfortunately this aspect has been overlooked by the media for the most part. Helping other people and their families not be ripped apart in the same way is very important...

FROM: Vicki Kestranek
DATE: 4/4/05

How interesting to classify the Democrats as being in a "persistent vegetative state." Of course, anyone who paid attention to the recent presidential election knows the Republicans will twist anything a Democrat says and hurl it back at them. Imagine if any of the current Democratic congressmen or senators were to come out against interference in the Schiavo case, they would be branded in the next round of political commercials as wanting to kill Terri Schiavo. Those Democrats took the high road and kept their nose out of it and they are even criticized for that. By refusing to comment on the inappropriate behavior of the Republicans, they did the correct thing.

FROM: Phyllis Mangels (New York, NY)
DATE: 4/4/05

Thanks for an intelligent show that offers a variety of topics. It is a joy to watch. Love Hot Picks.

FROM: Valder Arruda
DATE: 3/31/05

      I was puzzled by your recent comments on the deviation from the initial ideal content of your talk show -- "literature" -- to a mixed of good and not-that-good content...
      Initially, it is important to say that using a kind of Y chromosome-linked gene, the one that push me to change channel every minute, I came across your show. It is refreshing. Finally, there is something worthy to watch on TV on Sunday night.
      Taking help from one of my favorite authors, Fernando Pessoa, who once wrote: "No intelligent idea can gain general acceptance unless some stupidity is mixed in with it." ...Keep on going Tina!
      Here is one suggestion I'd like to make. It is from a Brazilian writer, Clarisse Lispector. "The Hour of the Star" about Macabéa, a poor young woman from the backwoods of Brazil, who comes to the slums of Rio with big dreams but can't avoid the kind of grim fate Lispector writes for so many of her characters. It's funny, sad and organic...Here, I do believe there is no stupidity mixed with.

FROM: Colorado Bob (Lubbock, TX)
DATE: 3/28/05

Word Up: V. OPRAHFICATION 1. The cultural shift to all things "victimized" 2. The willful punching of "emotional buttons" 3. Anything that provokes the words "Ohhh" or "Ahh" 4. The showing of puppies or anything else with large eyes.
Tina, this word was coined while watching cable news.

FROM: Alexander Hamilton (San Francisco, CA)
DATE: 3/28/05

      A few weeks ago you made your hot pick Ian McEwan's new book Saturday. I want to thank you for such a wonderful choice. I spent this past Friday night reading it. I can honestly say it was as intense an experience as I have had reading a novel. What a master he is at his craft. I felt my heart-rate responding to the intensity of this book. As a regular reader of the Atlantic Monthly, I look forward to reading your latest hot pick In the Footsteps of Tocqueville.

FROM: Joe Shoemaker (Nebraska)
DATE: 3/27/05

One hour of stimulating, informative, intelligent talk. How refreshing.
You are source of many of the books I have read the last seven months.
Also, it's great that you don't use the usual 'guests' that all the others call upon - you bring us smart people.

FROM: Norma Manders
DATE: 3/27/05

While "channel surfing" I ended up watching your program and stopped dead in my tracks!!! I found that Carl had a lot of valid points with regard to American "Road Runner" work habits and attitudes. I found it refreshing/reassuring that other people are feeling what Europeans seem to have had a grip on for years! No one wants to be labeled "lazy" in this country...But spending quality time with family and fellow human beings SHOULD be our priority, otherwise... we're all working for nothing"... Bravo!!! Spread the word!!! I'll tune in again (if it doesn't cut into my "Family" time!).

FROM: Monica Sanders
DATE: 3/24/05

Tina: C.J. Beck's novel Spiked is a diamond in the rough I want to share with you. It's Wilbur Smith meets Tom Clancy at John Le Carre's. It starts in apartheid-era Southern Africa with two journalists -- one Anglo-American, one Zulu -- who half-way through, find themselves staring down the barrel of the ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction. ...The adventure really helped me understand the problems all South Africans faced back then and now, and the way in which multinational corporations can influence or even dictate government policy. No one is left untouched. Not the Brits, not the U.S, not the Israelis and not the competing groups in Southern Africa.

DATE: 3/23/05

Tina, I'm a huge fan of your show and you. Love your style! I think Topic A has the best infotainment format on air. You're a "Season Pass" in my Tivo, so I'll never miss a show.

FROM: Jane Durant (Vancouver, Canada)
DATE: 3/21/05

Enjoy your show Tina, (but then I'm British....) Just a positive stroke for Alexandra Pelosi who talked sense (at least from my point of view from up here in the north and outside the US) -- it really is quite disappointing that even after years of moving towards equality we appear to be rapidly hurtling backwards. Don't quite know what to do about it at this point in time, but am working on it with other like minded women and men! Go for it Hilary and Condi too!

FROM: Bebek McGhee
DATE: 3/15/05

      You Go Girl! Last Sunday's program with Russell Simmons, Debra Winger and James Wolcott was outrageously great! But how loathsome of that heathen to refer to your British accent as "funny!" Doth he not heed the sweet melodiousness of our Mother Tongue spoken in its Mother Accent?
      If only I could talk like you and not be ridiculed by my family and friends - it's not fair! To console myself I read my HOT PICKS: "Don't Point That Thing at Me" and "After You With The Pistol" by the late, great Kyril Bonfiglioli (also recommended by Stephen Fry and Julian Barnes.) Our anti-hero is Charlie Mordecai a dissolute, politically incorrect English private eye. The mysteries were cult classics in the 1970's and have been reissued recently in paperback by the Overlook Press.

FROM: Ramakrishna Gundapaneni
DATE: 3/14/05

Watched Debra winger on your show yesterday. Debra has mellowed over the years. Isn't she? Great to see her after such a gap. Nice to know she has finished Sometimes in April and Dawn Anna recently, are there any other big screen offers? ...She is so natural and earthy in the few memorable movies she made. Hopefully she will make a great comeback.

FROM: David Healy
DATE: 3/10/05

      Harder to figure out is the behavior of the alleged victim's mother, who handed over her sick kid to sleep in the bedroom of a previously accused child molester. Perhaps scientists will discover that celebrity is a virus that can infect the psyche's immune system as pervasively as HIV takes over the body's. It infected everyone in the Jackson case from the accuser's family to the defendant himself. Jackson started out a little strange, to be sure, but he lost his boundaries altogether only because he got the absolute permission that superstars enjoy to indulge the outer limits of narcissism.
      So . . . isn't the real question why the prosecution has absolutely no interest, none whatsoever, in prosecuting a parent for child abuse. Prosecutors are always going after parents for neglect and parents are always hysterical about having a child molester in the neighborhood, but none of this matters when it comes to a parent sending her/his child to Neverland.

FROM: Brenda Eng (St. Paul, MN)
DATE: 3/9/05

Tina Brown is a true delight, I look forward to her every Sunday night! I'd like to recommend Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton (philosopher, I believe he's British!). This book examines the anxiety that we all live with...what others think of us, whether or not we're judged as a success or failure, winner or loser - status anxiety. The author does this in a unique way by viewing status through a historical context. The book is very entertaining and thought provoking.

FROM: Jon Lee
DATE: 3/6/05

Sam Jackson is the man...his response to the question about 50 Cent was on the money. Tina, you gave him the opportunity to clarify what he said and the answer was correct as you have to pay your dues in each job profession. These crossover acts are tacky and only for the $$$$.

FROM: Peter Anthony
DATE: 3/6/05

I read BLOOD ON THE LEAVES by Jeff Stetson based on a recommendation which appeared as an editorial in the Miami Beach Post. It's an incredible and moving book that has great relevance to a post 9-11 world.

FROM: Perla Zerboni (Boca Raton, FL)
DATE: 2/28/05

I look forward to your Sunday programs...Your program is stimulating, intelligent, therefore I am really surprised you are not relegated to the 11 pm slot, with Charlie Rose and Jon Stewart.... You would have good company... Keep up the good work. You are the female competition to Charlie Rose. Outstanding, your program can be deep and yet entertaining. Hats off Tina!

FROM: Brenda Costello (Toronto, Canada)
DATE: 2/25/05

I love your website as it reminds me again of the hot picks from previous shows...a hot pick to beat all hot picks in my view is a book entitled Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. A page-turner if there ever was one.

FROM: Star Lawrence (Chandler, AZ)
DATE: 2/21/05

      Larry Summers went to a meeting that was designed to discuss male/female differences (not a taboo subj) and which was attended by women who have worked in this field for years. Saying he wished to provoke, he threw out ridiculous blanket assertions relating to females in the academia, adding "I hope I am wrong and someone should research this." Well, it has ALL been researched. It was as if he said, "I am just trying to get a discussion going--and maybe someone should look into this--but I think blacks are inferior to whites."
      Incidentally, there was a lot of backstory. I think those women were most annoyed when he put "administrative discrimination" last on the list of reasons women don't get ahead. At Harvard, it's FIRST. The researchers whose study he abused also were not amused.
      This is not a taboo subject, as some on your panel said, but twits in high places have a great obligation not to mouth off. Firing him is not the answer...but he doesn't seem very scientific to me (despite his built-in abilities as a male).

FROM: Tom Brady
DATE: 2/21/05

I think your show is terrific. I watch it every Sunday. I especially enjoyed the interview with the former U.N. commander in Rwanda last night as well as the discussion of the new Disney book and the controversy at Harvard. I also enjoy reading your Washington Post column.

FROM: Mark Perry
DATE: 2/16/05

I love your show. We watch every weekend. I started listening to Air America recently and found a marvelous radio personality, her name is Randi Rhodes. I thought she might be an interesting guest for your show in the future. I cannot get enough of her. She is smart and funny. She is detailed with the facts. Just a thought. Thanks Tina.

FROM: Barbara Spier
DATE: 2/15/05

It is outrageous for Tina Brown to say Princess Diana "was crazy." (February 13th show) How dare she say that about a beautiful, caring wonderful woman like Princess Diana? If Princess Diana were alive, Tina Brown would be crawling on her belly like a reptile trying to get an interview with Princess Diana...

FROM: Michelle McMaster (Lincoln, NE)
DATE: 2/15/05

Tina, I must be your most loyal and grateful viewer - I LOVE your program and have never missed an episode... By the way, at your suggestion, the next book I plan to read is Saturday. I am currently reading Seven Types of Ambiguity by Elliot Perlman - a great read. Add it to your list - I think you would eat it up too.

FROM: Caryn Koplik
DATE: 2/15/05

I just wanted to let you know that this program may be the best program on tv. I actually look forward to it...I think because it feels a bit like a magazine. Some short pieces, some more in-depth bits, the people on the couch, stanley crouch for example... I hope you stick with it and always tell us what you are reading. Great Success!!!!

FROM: Eileen Fay (Kingston, NY)
DATE: 2/13/05

      I was so happy to hear you say you thought Charles and Camilla have a ragingly sexy relationship. I so agree! She is a gutsy, earthy lady, as well as knowing all the upper-class shtick she needs to know to survive in his world.
      And Charles, for his part, is sexy, too, in an intriguing way. I was not one of those who despised his talking-to-the-plants image. I always took him for an idealist with far-sighted ideas. And as a Scorpio, he can't help but be sexy!!
      I am so happy for the two of them, and only sorry they had to wait so long.
      I highly recommend Julie Bindel's commentary in the Guardian a couple of days ago. She said everything I was thinking, and she had the nerve to say it in front of nay-sayers who keep putting Camilla down unfairly. Good on your guests tonight, who were all in favour of Camilla, too.
      Love your show!

FROM: Sergio Ramirez (San Diego, CA)
DATE: 2/13/05

As a big fan of your show, I was dismayed when you named "24" your Hot Pick of the week. I honestly expected to hear a more interesting and deserving choice. But "24"?!? A program that wasted an interesting premise and hasn't evolved beyond its implausible plots, boring dialogue, insipid characters, and amateurish attempts at suspense?? Give yourself 24 lashes!!!

FROM: Tim Duck
DATE: 2/3/05

So hard to find anything with intelligence on tv especially in this Bush era. With your busy schedule Tina, you might have missed the new NBC show, Medium. Hype aside, I find this show remarkable and would want to recommend it to your viewers as my "hot pick". Perhaps you should consider an interview with the show's main writer or even the actual person from which the show is based. I can't say enough good things about the show.

FROM: Guy Vantresca
DATE: 2/1/05

      Re: your recent pick of '24' the FOX serial with Kiefer Sutherland. While I agree it's got suspense and enough hooks to keep you pinned, it often falls into the melodramatic category, and it does have a FOX version of the Amero-Centric view of the world. You know...Muslims gone bad, good vs. evil, with Yankee street smarts and sweat winning over bureaucratic bumbling.
      A much better show, albeit a single movie, is the recent BBC production 'Dirty War'. It does to terrorism what TRAFFIK (the original British production) did for illicit drugs. In just 90 minutes, 'Dirty War' gives you a terrifying scenario, introduces characters you can feel an attachment towards, and is very, very realistic. You get an understanding of all the levels of complexity, from the Ministerial level down to the firefighters, cops, and intelligence agents on the ground. A sure winner. HBO has picked it up, and I hope it gets a wider audience. It also gives viewers an understanding of how the middle-eastern and south-Asian cultures have blended into the English landscape and still maintained their own identity, something that rarely happens in the U.S. (It's all...or nothing at all).
      Meanwhile, keep up the good work, your show has me infected!

FROM: Ken McGee (Madison, AL)
DATE: 1/31/05

Tina, your show is the best news magazine on television. Who else could segue from a discussion of Jenna Jameson to Sharansky outlining the future of Western Civilization? Well, maybe they are related, but thank you for your acerbic wit and keen eye in choosing your panel.

FROM: Larry (Arlington, VA)
DATE: 1/31/05

I again enjoyed your show. I particularly enjoyed your interview with Steven Hirsh. The combination of the video, your restraint but depth in questioning (as always) and Mr. Hirsh's demeanor was excellent. I think many are interested in what a porn actor does after stardom... Keep up the great show. Love the "round table" reviews and extemporaneous comments. An excellent addition to TV.

FROM: George Harben
DATE: 1/30/05

I enjoy watching Topic A on Sunday night. You are an excellent moderator. However, I note that you do not have conservatives on your editor's pick section very often. Most of the ones I have seen lately are somewhat liberal. I ask you to include more conservative oriented writers. Thank you for your consideration.

FROM: Jana (San Diego, CA)
DATE: 1/30/05

Thank you for recognizing Ed Schultz and showing that being 'liberal" or progressive is not a dirty word. His radio show is informative, entertaining, enlighting....and the TRUTH! Also...please have more discussion about the 3 paid pundits pushing the Bush's programs...McManus, Gallagher, and Armstrong...Who will be held responsible for secretly paying these 3 low-lifes! Enjoy your show each week!

FROM: Spring Patterson (Czech Republic)
DATE: 1/25/05

The thing I like most about Topic A is the wide array of guests. The show is not afraid to have on any type of mind. Last week's show was a great example; a guest used the word 'quagmire' correctly in a sentence after a previous vocabulary-challenged guest used the word 'plantificate' (don't know that one; do you, Tina?) Thank you for not editing out people's candid selves. My hot pick -- the Cambridge International Dictionary of English.

FROM: Luke Jon Isbrecht
DATE: 1/24/05

Right. Last night your show presented the viewer with something uniquely challenging: an opportunity to view that most rare of creatures: an aggregate personality formed as the result of our native country's journalistic union. I do quite accept and admire your ability to focus on issues as they pertain to the country's current political climate, your message imparting a sense of immediacy to anyone who is lucky enough to be listening. (In Hollywood, producers are apt to display the latest in British directors at parties round town; I feel quite the same way about your show.) We 'listen' to Topic A, as opposed to just watching. However, I should like to make a request, in my humbly cheeky way. Could you please include a woman writer, preferably someone practicing the art of fiction, into the fray during the panel review time allotment? I can think of one I should dearly love to see: Alice Elliot Dark -- arguably the finest living writer in the states. Her novel Think of England is quite wonderful. Thank you so much for another high quality edition of Topic A.

FROM: DeWitt Allred (Jackson, MS)
DATE: 1/23/05

Tonight was the first time I've watched your show. I look forward to watching it again, which is unusual. The two questions with which I almost always find myself faced when I watch American TV news and talk shows are, At what point will I become so irritated that my skin will begin to crawl?, and, At what point will it become unbearable? My skin crawled when you announced that "everyone" finds Mrs. George W. Bush to be "charming". Believe me, not "everyone" does. But I was able to watch your entire program and to enjoy most of it. Your conversation with the correspondent in Iraq was both intelligent and honest. You are very bright and you ask very good questions. I do wish you would not let your guests get away with failing to answer your very good questions, however. For example, I was glad that you asked Mr. Ed Schulz why he called himself a "progressive" rather than a "liberal", but I was disappointed that you allowed him to evade answering your question... Overall, though, I found this show to be as good as or better than any other of its sort I've seen on American TV in a very long time.

FROM: Virginia Gilstrap
DATE: 1/20/05

My must see tv is the Sunday Morning Shootout on AMC with Peter Guber and Peter Bart. I can't believe you and/or he didn't plug the show when Bart was on Topic A recently. These two Hollywood insiders argue over everything related to the movies, but you can tell they are good friends. It's refreshing, stimulating and educational all in one. And then they have interesting and powerful guests stop by to continue the discussion. I hope you tip your audience off to this gem of a show.

FROM: Steve Walker (Kansas City, MO)
DATE: 1/18/05

      Tina and company: Great job with the Armstrong Williams discussion. I, too, wondered why nothing was said last week. But you more than made up for it with a lively, appropriate denouncement of said pundit.
      My hot pick? A Very Long Engagement, which has somehow gotten lost in the fray of new films. It's a masterpiece.

FROM: Danny Daly
DATE: 1/18/05

Glad to see you did not avoid the Armstrong Williams issue, or were you pressured from your bloggers..? It's my favourite part of the show, the group conversation at the end... and what's with Tina and Monica Crowley, are they separated at birth ? Lovely purple blouses and dark suits on both. Its a great stylish show. Keep up the great work.
By the way, my HOT picks...well, my love for New York City...

FROM: Jim Villella (Columbus, OH)
DATE: 1/17/05

Thanks, Tina, for returning full sentences to a television magazine. Kudos on allowing your guests to develop a thought or two without the childlike bickering that typifies so many so-called news shows. Keep up the good work by voicing concerns and ideas that others don't!

FROM: Donnie Nair (Santa Barbara, CA)
DATE: 1/17/05

      Tina- you are a breath of fresh air in the talk show business. The lines between news and press releases are so blurred that I can't believe most of what I see, hear or read. I'd like you to cover Air America...Ed Shultz in the afternoon would be a good guest on your show as would Al Franken - they are both knowledgeable and outspoken (also entertaining).
      For most talk shows it seems they have a very weak liberal like Paul Begala or Allan Combes and a red hot conservative. Is there a central casting office for media guests? The same people show up on all programs...
      Keep up your sparkling show.

FROM: Sharon Edward
DATE: 1/16/05

It is disappointing that your reading over the most recent mistakes at CBS News is that there may be potentially less investigative journalism. It seems to me that there were then, and will continue to be, many investigative topics that Mr. Rather and Ms Mapes and their colleagues could have explored if there had been a willingness to not limit their focus to the current U.S. President. Perhaps a look at the administration of the United Nations programs would have offered fertile ground. It probably would not have taken five years of the producer's time and may have produced insights that would have helped the world-at-large in trying to be a better place. At least, please allow that the sloppiness of CBS will not prohibit investigative journalism to continue by those who are willing to look at those topics that embrace more than their own personal agendas.

FROM: Hyacin Rosser-Wolff
DATE: 1/12/05

As a fan of your show I would like you to denounce your frequent guest panelist Armstrong Williams... If you have an ounce of integrity you will not invite him back again. Will be watching your next show to see if you have the nerve to do what is right.

FROM: Phyllis Mason (San Francisco, CA)
DATE: 1/11/05

I watch Topic A every week and was disappointed that there was no mention of the Armstrong Williams scandal on Sunday's show. As one of your frequent panelists, I would think Mr. Williams, whom we now know was paid by the Bush administration to support them but appeared on your show as an objective broadcast journalist, would be great material for debate. Not scared are you?

FROM: Pamela Keeley Nolan (Vancouver, BC)
DATE: 1/10/05

Love your show! A must-see in our house. Turned the university kids on to it when our house was full of them over xmas break.

FROM: Nancy Harris
DATE: 1/10/05

Hi-Thank you so much for being an verdant oasis out there in the dry, bare wasteland of dumbed-down television. It was with great relief and pleasure that I discovered your show, Topic A with Tina Brown. I have written down all the "picks" and plan to pursue them.

FROM: Chris Renaldo
DATE: 1/10/05

      Jennifer Baumgardner is obviously comfortable with her bisexuality...I do take issue with her statement that bisexuality has enabled her to 'experience equality in a relationship,' which is not available in a 'misogynist or 'more sexist' society.
      A relationship is either 'equal' or it is not. That is to say, it is the values and emotions of the individuals involved, from which 'equality' originates. I am an openly heterosexual. I have many openly heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Some enjoy healthy, mutually enriching, equitable relationships, while others have experienced more dysfunctional, disrespectful, and at times abusive relationships. It seems to me that sexism (like racism) is a sword that can cut both ways. Not all men are sexists or misogynists. Not all whites are bigots. Not all bisexuals are 'enlightened.' Not all women are feminists. The fact that one side has 'enjoyed' a historical, social/cultural advantage does not give the 'underdog' carte blanche.

FROM: Deborah Irmas
DATE: 1/3/05

You might look into The Shadow of the Wind, an amazing piece of literature written by a 39 year old Spaniard named Carlos Ruiz Zafon. It was on the best-seller list in Spain for over six months which attests to the taste and literate sophistication of the Spanish. It takes place in Barcelona at the middle of the last century and is a mystery of love and identity that is manifested by the discovery of a book in a "book cemetery" that exists in only one copy. That book is also entitled The Shadow of the Wind. It seems Zafon now lives in Los Angeles. I would love to see him on your show which is one of the very few on television that I enjoy.

FROM: Scotty Reiss (Cos Cob, CT)
DATE: 1/3/05

      Dear Tina, I'm glad to see you back in a public forum, and I like your show, but I'm still waiting for the journalistic insiderism that made you famous. Why don't you have a camera follow you to lunch at Michael's? Now that's a conversation I'd like to hear.
      ...what most desperately needs a makeover is journalism, both print and electronic. What used to be driven by investigations and blood-sniffing reporters competing for that adrenaline-rush news break has become a gutless blog-like blather. I would love to see more Woodward and Bernstein types on your panels.

FROM: James Shelton
DATE: 1/3/05

Hi Tina. My favorite guest from 2004 was James Wolcott. He always has interesting insights into the worlds of culture and entertainment. And regarding a makeover for the Democratic Party coming from Tennessee or otherwise from the South: I can't figure out why the Democrats don't barrage the good colleges in the South (Vanderbilt, Duke, Tulane, etc.) with volunteers, etc. There are bound to be some kids who are open-minded enough at these institutions to want to stay in the area and change it. Surely not all of us go to blue states and cities after graduation.

FROM: Patsy Roberson (Atlanta, GA)
DATE: 1/2/05

      Happy New Year Tina...Very interesting show tonight! I came in just as someone on the panel wanted to make over Condi Rice and called the Bush twins skanky. The subject then switched to making over the Democrat party -- I believe you suggested big hairdos?
      One member of your panel was all excited that Jerry Springer is going to have a radio program & he is a DEMOCRAT! He was all excited when he mentioned something about an affair if I'm correct. He thinks Jerry Springer will help the Democrats? Why? How?
      ...I think "manners" should come back in style myself. I watched info commercial about all the Dean Martin shows. These guys were so funny. They made fun of everyone, everything including themselves. They had class --They didn't get so personal. Politicians need to grow up.

FROM: Conrad MacDonald (Canada)
DATE: 12/28/04

Among all the banal, rightist hype veiled as "compassionate conservatism" your show is a creative, orgasmic oasis of intelligence. You've gone two for two with me when you recommended "Bright Young Things" and U2's "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb". I know I'm now hopelessly addicted to your smart and thinking-person's picks. You go girl!

FROM: Barbara Hill
DATE: 12/22/04

I love your show! It is a tiny island of civilization and civility on a sludge heap of crude reality shows and shrill shriek fests. Hope you go on forever.

FROM: Paula Bonhomme
DATE: 12/21/04

I'm pleased that I Want Media voted Jon Stewart the media person of the year, and I thoroughly agree with that choice. Jon Stewart was fearless enough to confront the partisan pundits on Crossfire, had the number one book in the country, and managed to host the best show on TV (sorry), all with humor and grace (except for the Tucker Carlson "dick" comment). I was vexed that Time Mag wimped out and took the lame road by asserting that our Fearless Leader was worth a cover.

FROM: Candace Laws (Boston, MA)
DATE: 12/20/04

Love your show! Watch every Sunday. My choice for best fake journalist who does a better job than the real ones is Jon Stewart hands down.

FROM: Carol Marshall (Yorba Linda, CA)
DATE: 12/20/04

I kept waiting for you to introduce the subject that Bernie [Kerik] and Rudy [Giuliani] are partners in a security-providing company and that Bernie, spending time in Iraq, would gain valuable information that would be profitable to him, to Rudy and their company. Why didn't you bring it up?

FROM: Craig Betteridge (Oakland, CA)
DATE: 12/19/04

I applaud's choice of Jon Stewart as media pick. I only wish that Jon could give us more. When you boil it down, you get about 40 minutes of JS a week...Obviously, and yet regrettably, there is more than enough material.

FROM: Michele Sullivan (Encinitas, CA)
DATE: 12/12/04

      About 2 months ago I stumbled on your program...WOW!
      There are lots of 58 year old grandmothers like myself that are thirsty for real adult conversation regarding life in this world. You have the most intelligent and entertaining news/talk show on television. I TIVO it as not to miss a thing! So much of the time all we get in mainstream news is the politically correct news. So many times I have been "fired up" by what I have seen on your show.
      Keep up the great work-you have a devoted watcher!!!

FROM: Tanya Stock (San Francisco, CA)
DATE: 12/6/04

      I adore your show and it's the highlight of my week. Its much like watching a salon gathering of the minds a la Dorothy Parker's round table..sans booze and bitterness.
      I too have a "hot pick." Moral Politics. How Liberals and Conservatives Think, by George Lakoff. He is a Cognitive Linguist from Berkeley who attempts to explain why the division in politics comes from the very definition of what morality is and how it affects your views on what is liberal vs conservative. And those definitions are not always obvious and political in nature. I can tell your its not a fun read but informative yes. So if you are stuck on a runway waiting to escape to your fabulous warm beach resort or recovering from surgery this may be the time to tackle this book. It certainly helped me understand why "moral values" is such a divisive issue.

FROM: Barry Ross Parnell (Palm Desert, CA)
DATE: 12/6/04

I am sick and tired of people talking about Diana as if she were some kind of Saint. Prince Charles has been in love with only one woman -- Camilla, unfortunately his parents (The Queen) made him marry Diana. Diana through her own words had affairs with at least TEN or TWELVE men. It is obvious to anyone with eyes that Prince Harry is not Prince Charles child, she was no better than she ought to be. At least Prince Charles has the decency not to denigrate her memory, which he easily could do.

FROM: Neal Decker
DATE: 12/5/04

dear tina- i nominate "kath & kim" on the trio network as a hot pick if you haven't already. it's hysterically funny!

FROM: Yogi
DATE: 12/5/04

Something about your show this week especially was quite sparkling. Maybe it was just people and topics that I love, being somewhat of a writer, but I was riveted to the screen. also, tina, you were especially breathtakingly beautiful, not so much so in red (though there too) but especially in the pastels and the strikingly blond, blond hair. My love, you only get better. God, how I hate you Tina.

FROM: Jim Walker
DATE: 11/28/04

The 80s flashback piece was great, but you forgot to mention that U2 and Bono are out with a new smash album. At the same time, what can you say about the Boston Red Sox, Google, and video cell phones? As much as it may feel like the 80s, I think this decade is shaping up to be something altogether new.

FROM: Michelle McMaster (Lincoln, NE)
DATE: 11/22/04

One of my favorite segments is 'Hot Picks'. Living in the midwest - reluctantly - and in a red state, I feel a bit isolated at times from what is new and edgy. Your pick this week, "Hotel Rwanda" was particularly appreciated. It sounds like a great film and I never miss an opportunity to witness Mr. Cheadle's talents.

I have a 'Hot Pick' for you: "The Long Way Round". I think it just may be the best program on TV and is deserving of a wider and appreciative audience. It features Ewan McGregor and his buddy Charlie's adventures motoring around the world on BMW motorcycles. One does not have to have been watching it since the first episode of the series to thoroughly enjoy it. It is a wonderful adventure; funny, poignant, interesting and educational. It is on the Bravo Network. New episodes are aired on Thursday, however it does repeat several times during the week. It is thoroughly entertaining.

FROM: Paula Lancaster
DATE: 11/21/04

I enjoyed your show today but am confused by the way that people see Bill Clinton and the moral issues of the Democratic Party. It seems to me that during the Clinton impeachment proceedings that several Republicans admitted to indiscretions (affairs) far more problematic than Clinton's indiscretions. Tom DeLay admitted to three (at least) affairs and cried in the House and said he had to leave the House of Representatives and go home to take care of his wife who was devastated by his indiscretions. Then he returns and is holier than thou and touts the high morals of the Republican Party and the low morals of the Democratic Party- COME ON - THIS IS NOT CORRECT!! Why doesn't any station remark about this?

FROM: Don Plummer (Grand Junction, CO)
DATE: 11/21/04

If Rush Limbaugh is squawking about you, then take comfort, you must be doing something right. Thanks for being here, you are a delight.

FROM: Dominic Patten
DATE: 11/15/04

Re: The 80s Revival... All good choices and examples last night, including the interview with a very much stuck in the 80s Tom Wolfe, but I was surprised how little attention you played to the musical aspect of the 80s revival. Velvet Revolver, even the name is a self-directed homage, are burning up the charts with ballads worthy of their former life in Guns'N'Roses, Gwen Stefani is so obviously channeling 80s siren Kate Bush on her new single, and the "we-fight-the-old-battles-so-you-don't-have-to" U2 not only stick to their 80s knitting, but the haircuts as well. It is almost enough to give one cultural vertigo.

FROM: Charles Zelade (Austin, TX)
DATE: 11/15/04

      I found the 11/7 David Westin interview interesting but he was wrong on a point. He stated that a visitor from Pluto observing American sporting events, TV, and movies would conclude that Americans don't believe in a god. I wonder what planet Mr. Westin is on. Any objective observer sees an American public awash in religion. And if that's what appeals to the public, that's capitalism.
      This is why it's so important to protect, by keeping religion out of the public square, those who choose different religious viewpoints. America's founding documents clearly define a religion-neutral government, leaving society alone.
      I also differ with Tom Wolfe (11/14). The Christians I grew up with are not such nice people. They are intolerant elitists. I think there are lots of others like them.
      I enjoy the show and will continue to watch, always with a critical eye.

FROM: Michael Fuller (Corvallis, OR)
DATE: 11/15/04

Just caught your show for the first time tonight... Your Blair interview kicked ass. When are you going to hit primetime and give O'Reilly a run for his money? Keep up the good work.

FROM: Roxanne Marion (Boston, MA)
DATE: 11/14/04

I love, love, love your show! ...after the elections I was going to cut my cable, and it was only your show that made me reconsider. Although, I still dislike hearing so much irresponsible media and misinformation, I can't imagine coming back to work on Mondays without your perfect cup of fresh stimulating conversations and insightful viewpoints, -- so unlike the rest of the programs on T.V. It prepares me for the week ahead and I plan my Sundays around it.

FROM: Eileen Fay (Kingston, NY)
DATE: 11/14/04

      I love your show; it is much more fun than most chat shows, and such an interesting mix of people. And your presentations are witty and quick. (Guess I should have said "quick-witted!")
      I must differ from that lovely Tom Wolfe, though. He said tonight that things would be the same no matter who won the election. I fear he is right in many ways, but as for one issue in particular, it will be so much worse: the environment.
      Bush and Co. have rolled back 30 years of decent regulations, as I'm sure you know. Even with those in place, the environment was going to hell faster than helpful, well-intentioned groups could save it. But without the regs, or with such deceitful shams as Clean Skies Initiative (puh-leeze! what a lie!!!), the degradation is accelerated. I weep for the poor animals whose habitats and lives we destroy daily so we can go on hogging most of everything. Humans may deserve what they get with Bush, but the rest of creation did not ask for him and his cronies to wreck everything, the greedy bastards!

FROM: Care Morgenstern
DATE: 11/11/04

I love the show. I always make sure that it gets Tivoed. In the spirit of unity and healing after the recent election, I would like to suggest my musical Hot Pick, the new CD by Buddy Miller Universal United House of Prayer. It is a true American mix of gospel, soul, country and rock & roll. For the Blue Staters, it provides a view of Moral Values based in a deep and spiritual Christian belief. For the Red Staters, Buddy's chilling cover of Bob Dylan's "With God on Our Side" should give them insight into why many fear the combination of religion and war. I'm not Christian and I'm a Blue Stater, which won't change, but when I listen to this CD, I'm saved.

FROM: Carmen Rosenzweig
DATE: 11/8/04

      It is rare that I take time to write a note like this, but I thought the interview with David Westin was really compelling and a true public service. It was refreshing to hear this voice from inside the media stepping forward to offer a clear view on the way news is actually covered. Westin's take on the divide between the red & blue states and the growing importance of "moral values" to the popular vote was also illuminating. Thanks for such good TV, I'll be watching.

FROM: Molly Felidae
DATE: 11/8/04

I always love the show, but last night's interview of David Westin really hit the nail on the head... to get more people out into the community to vote the media needs to consider all factors, from both red and blue states... it's reassuring to hear from someone who takes the responsibility to heart!

FROM: Steve & Vickie (Omaha, NE)
DATE: 11/7/04

Enjoyed your candid interview with Tom Brokaw but... Your panel discussion on the election was a perfect example of why we and fellow Christians voted the way we did...I don't believe that most of the media still doesn't understand what our moral values are. This is why the democrats lost... We are not going to go away. It is not only the democrats that don't get it; it is most of the media that do not get it either. By the way, we are both college graduates and don't drive pickups with shotguns in the windows. We raised 2 fine sons that were both Marines each serving their country proudly for 6 years. We love America. We love God. We believe that the two must go together for our country to remain strong. Once everyone understands this, they will get it.

FROM: D. Walker (Minneapolis, MN)
DATE: 11/7/04

      Moral Values do not belong to the left or right...they simple are moral values. The moral values of the right revolves around sex to the exclusion of all others, and the moral values of the left are more humanistic..i.e. a decent wage, equal rights for all, and the environment, etc.
      Maybe there will come a day when we can have a mature discussion and not hijack the term for the destructive use of can only hope!!! and maybe then we will be a society of true moral values which are inclusive ,and not ones that advance the cause of hate and ignorance. The right does not own moral values.

FROM: Angel Rodriguez (Bronx, NY)
DATE: 11/3/04

Your show is very interesting and I enjoy your show a lot. My hot pick is a new CD I just bought recently. It's from a band called A Perfect Circle and their new CD is called eMOTIVE. All 12 songs consists of 4 themes; war, peace, love, and greed. This cd is mostly covers and they did this dark cover of John Lennon's Imagine which I like a lot. They also did Marvin Gaye's What's Going on?, Peace, Love and Understanding which is Elvis Costello's, and you should listen to Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums because this is the sickest anti-war song I have ever heard.

FROM: Carl Passen
DATE: 11/2/04

I enjoy your show. It's refreshing to see a program on television that does not include screaming, rabid pundits, play-acting for the camera. I agree with Jon Stewart's criticism of Crossfire and it's endless, meaningless WWE histrionics. He is absolutely correct that shows like Crossfire do us a disservice. It's as though the talking points that are repeated by the "combatants" are designed to tell the American people how to think. We are being reduced to a propagandistic people, each spouting the same points that we see on TV. I think that was Jon Stewart's main point. If the "debate" that Crossfire (and its ilk) claims to be presenting were actually genuine, it would be a different story. Instead, each side screams the pre-packaged points that have been generated from their respective politburos.

FROM: Patrick Gallagher (Long Beach, CA)
DATE: 11/2/04

I love your show and have yet to miss one. I always want to know what the "chatter class" is thinking... By the way my 10 year old daughter thinks I have a crush on you because you are the only non sports show that I make a point of watching. Thanks for keeping me entertained!

FROM: Lea Sund (Seattle, WA)
DATE: 10/30/04

      I have now realized I am one of six people that regularly watch Crossfire. CNN heavily promoted Jon Stewart's appearance on Crossfire during Inside Politics. It was definitely considered an event for the show. My first reaction to the Stewart's appearance while watching the show was how incredibly rude Tucker Carlson was acting. Your panel last Sunday did not address that point. The discussions I have heard was whether Jon Stewart was correct or was he pompous. Does the host/hostess have an obligation to treat their guests with respect?
      Your show is a must for my Sunday night! ...My only complaint is it seems like some of the best and unguarded discussion is happening during the rolling credits. Drats!!

FROM: Anthony McDonald
DATE: 10/25/04

Just seen the show on CNBC Europe, and as a European male I really enjoyed its content, style and format. I didn't think such TV existed on mainstream US TV. So, more of the same......

FROM: Eric Schenk (Mill Valley, CA)
DATE: 10/25/04

I am not a prude: I enjoyed the movies 9 1/2 weeks and Last Tango in Paris.
But [Toni] Bentley's book is not a work of art, it is amoral narcissism.

FROM: Constance Sweeny
DATE: 10/25/04

I appreciated the discussion on Jon Stewart's remarks on Crossfire and the general discussion on the media, but I found the discussion on Teresa Heinz kerry's remarks to be ironic. Everyone said that Mrs. kerry had said that Laura Bush had never had a job. I watched the interview with Teresa Kerry and, as I recall, she'd said that she didn't know if she had ever had a real job, and that was said in response to a question about the two of them. She didn't accuse Laura Bush of never having a job, and that wasn't the spirit in which she spoke. Weren't you each doing what you had criticized the media in general of doing?

FROM: Matthew Mayeroff (Reno, NV)
DATE: 10/24/04

Your show is incredibly thought provoking and entertaining. I look forward to it every Sunday. My hot pick is the movie Team America: World Police. It is bar none the greatest puppet show ever created. The filmmakers, Trey Parker and Matt Stone of "South Park," have created a savage, profane, and violent satire of American action films and world politics. Parker and Stone skewer everybody, and I mean everybody. This no-holds-barred satire is sorely needed to take the bite off this election season. Both the Left and the Right should take time out to see it, if only to laugh at themselves.

FROM: Donald Strong (Augusta, GA)
DATE: 10/24/04

      I think Jon Stewart was exactly right. The discussion with your panelists was enlightening. Stewart's main point is this: the news media has an obligation to inform the public, not to entertain them. The idea they give the public what it wants is ridiculous. Not all of us are enthralled with the Scott Peterson case. There is something inherently wrong with a public that has no desire to understand how their government works, what policies are being followed, and what effect the domestic and foreign policies will have on their lives.
      Your show is a like a lost soul in the wilderness. I think you should be on everyday, five days a week, precisely because your guests do conduct civil discussions...keep up the good work, and maybe someday you will be on during the week, five days, doing as you always do, and that is to stimulate good, intellectual, honest, political and other discussions on the issues. Jon Stewart, I and millions of others like us are waiting for the day when we can turn on the tv and actually see a news media that is doing their jobs and not just trying to make money.

FROM: Anand Yogendra (Tucson, AZ)
DATE: 10/24/04

i saw your show on sunday oct 24th and came away with the feeling that Walter Salles is a genius. I had recently seen the motorcycle diaries and i could not believe how transformative what Walter said about his experiences and feelings, many of which were obviously transformative for him, Salles, as the movie had been for me. I left the movie feeling that it had reached where the archetypal revolutionary in each of us lives; i knew and felt what che had felt; i was deeply touched by the movie and by che's care about others, those less fortunate than he but who he realized were just like him and like all of us.

FROM: Jean Newman (Eagle River, AK)
DATE: 10/24/04

Armstrong Williams was 100 % correct when he spoke on Mrs. Bush's behalf. Mrs. Kerry was totally out of line when she spoke about Mrs. Bush's job history. I believe every time Mrs. Kerry opens her mouth she sounds foolish.

FROM: Joe Whealon (St. Louis, MO)
DATE: 10/18/04

      I've been watching your show since it started on CNBC and have even been checking out your column in the Washington Post.
      It has never bothered me if a show such as yours has a left or right leaning stance so long as the host and guests are intelligent, thoughtful, and have something other than their party's talking-points to say. You and your guests measure up in every way. It is also a treat to be able to hear people discuss things without one person shouting over another--now that's annoying!
      My hot pick is from 1934: Bertrand Russell's "Freedom and Organization--1814-1914." I did not know he could write history so well and explore the central problem still facing us: the limits of the individual and the power of the corporate state (or business). After that I'm moving on to "Cataclysm--WWI" (by Stevenson, I think; I've only just heard about it but it sounds like a good point to take up after Prof. Russell).

FROM: Starman (Danville, CA)
DATE: 10/18/04

Caught your show the other night and couldn't tell which way you were biased politically. so I guess that's good. Democracy should be about two parties, not one like Hollywood where you must follow the party line, that's fascism.

FROM: Eileen Stone
DATE: 10/18/04

      I was really disappointed in the discussion about O'Reilly's awful conduct which I believe happened the way it has been reported on the Smoking Gun site. He's a married man, very self-righteous about Bill Clinton's conduct. He has two daughters -- if one of them had been subjected to telephone obscenities the way the female producer was, he would have been more than upset. None of these observations were discussed by your panel.
      Further, how naive you all are to accept the word of Bill O'Reilly that the plaintiff asked for 60 million dollars. He and Fox News are spinning the story. They are warding off the judgment of his conduct to money. You and your panel are sophisticated enough to see that.

FROM: Charles Soule
DATE: 10/14/04
John Edwards said that if John Kerry were elected people like Christopher Reeves would get out of their wheelchair and walk again. I'm an undecided voter but would immediately decide for Kerry if he would demonstrate this just once.

FROM: Jim Ryan (Philadelphia, PA)
DATE: 10/12/04
Your show has the best blend of politics, social commentary and the arts, all discussed by the savviest guests. I never miss it. Thanks, Tina, for being queen of up-to-the-second buzz.

FROM: Jon Salem
DATE: 10/11/04
May I be so bold as to give you a "Hot Pick" of my own? Pulitzer-prize winning author Elizabeth Frank's debut novel (CHEAT & CHARMER). It's a masterful story about the Hollywood blacklist of the 50s. I think you would adore it, and it's something your viewers would be drawn to as well.

DATE: 10/11/04
There was a "Bush backing" gentleman on your show that complained that $200,000 wasn't a lot money and it didn't seem fair that he would be taxed. As one of the peasants who make the same as the national average, please advise him that those 90% of us who do not make that are sobbing for his plight. Furthermore, please tell Mr. Antoinette that we do not have cake either--but we still know how to sharpen a guillotine blade.
P.S. Love your show...and advise Mr. Ashcroft that I'm not threatening anyone.

FROM: Josie Schodrof
DATE: 10/11/04
Your program is one that I never miss. You are so enthusiastic and your guests so interesting and informed, that it is the fastest hour on television for me. There never seems to be outright animosity between your panel members. With the rudeness absent there is much less cross-talk, which turns most viewers off.

FROM: Fazle Dastgir
DATE: 10/10/04
Thank you so much for providing us with a welcome respite on television. TV riddled with low cost reality tv and makeover shows these days - you have provided us with a safe port while that nasty storm brews. One can be infuriated with your panel, or be in complete agreement - at least it is thought provoking. Thanks Tina!

FROM: Frank Patterson (West Linn, OR)
DATE: 10/6/04
I've been loving the show for a while now -- it's a Sunday must. Right you were about James Wolcott's blog being a treat - it's wicked fun! Keep on...

FROM: Mimi Vaillancourt
DATE: 10/5/04
When I heard your pic of James Fallows Atlantic Monthly article "Bush's Lost Year", I had to send you Naomi Klein's "Baghdad Year Zero". I have not read such a trenchant, comprehensive, insightful and utterly credible account of the war and indeed, of ANYthing, in years. I simply had no idea the degree of wholesale corporate takeover that comprised the neocons plan for Iraq! Such a piece of writing also serves to highlight how degraded our so-called 'Free Press' has become.

FROM: Ashley
DATE: 10/5/04
I really enjoy watching your panel guests and watching your hot picks of the week. Thanks for always having a good smile. Keep having fun at what you do. Otherwise it would be work if you didn't enjoy it.

FROM: Joseph Francis (Los Angeles, CA)
DATE: 10/3/04
Regarding your post debate analysis and the question of John Kerry flip-flopping: Republicans say Kerry flip-flops so much that he's been on every side of every issue. But a voting record like that would make him a moderate.

Republicans also say Kerry votes so consistently Liberal that he's the number one liberal senator.

Well, which is it? It can't be both.

FROM: Tresha Daise-Russ
DATE: 9/27/04
Tonight was such a treat. I never watch your show and wandered across it. I loved your guest Fouad Ajami. He spoke so eloquently on Iraq. For the first time, I feel I heard a unbiased view - just a matter of fact overview on the war - neither Republican or Democrat. Thanks for choosing an Arabic man as well. It's hard to watch non-Arabs speak so authoritatively on places that most have never been or have only visited. Thanks for the educated and great guest!

DATE: 9/27/04
I found last night's program very thought-provoking and totally entertaining. However, the entertainment came from that aspect of the discussion which totally (in my 'umble opinion) misses the most exciting aspect of the blogosphere. It is a true marketplace of ideas. It is a self-editing phenomena. If facts are incorrectly cited, or opinions insufficiently backed-up, not just one, but many people will weigh in with the counter-facts and/or challenges to unfounded opinion. It is as though each writer has hundreds of editors - from all diverse viewpoints. I felt that your attitude was somewhat dismissive of the blogosphere. Obviously, you know how sharp you are. I think that the blogosphere has more to offer than you may imagine.

FROM: Stephen Albenetyh
DATE: 9/27/04
just wanted to write to say how much i love your show. the format is delightfully fresh. like the way you cut from panel guests to q&a shots on the street. like how you feature printed quotes. love how you go into cocktail chatter when the credits roll, even if it's a bit frustrating. just when the formal part of the show ends, the camera pulls back, and the panel relaxes to dish the real dirt, is when the show ends! the best material is left on the cutting room floor, sorta speak.

FROM: Ron Mwanguhunga
DATE: 9/24/04
Great interview with Sy Hersh. I was intrigued by the notion of Rummy's talent at performing a "dead-on" Sandy Berger impersonation. [Does that] entail stuffing large amounts of 9/11 documentation into his pant legs?

FROM: Damion Matthews (San Francisco, CA)
DATE: 9/23/04
I always look forward to watching your show on Sundays, so much so that I even skip the "I Love Lucy" re-runs that the Fox network shows at the same time... and you must know that I DO love Lucy.

The reason I'm writing is because I'm troubled by the lack of debate in this country about how to properly respond to these ghastly beheading threats. It seems everyone goes along with the idea that it's wrong to "give in to terrorist demands" even when it means saving lives-- but I don't recall hearing anyone actually say how they came to that conclusion. Did I miss the debate? What would be so terrible about releasing some female Iraqi prisoners (who probably haven't had a decent trial in the first place) if it meant our hostages could be let free?

FROM: Ron Pasolli
DATE: 9/19/04
Why is the media so preoccupied with how "warm and fuzzy" one is (ie. John Kerry)when running for president. The media is always concerned about where John Kerry stands with the issues, yet when he says where he stands, the discussion turns to how he should be warmer. If warm and fuzzy were the qualifications for running for president, then BigBird should be the leader of the free world.

FROM: Bryan Levi (Seattle, WA)
DATE: 9/17/04
Your classy style and presentation are needed right now in the greater discourse, and I have never had such sustained excitement for a show's guests. Thanks, and maybe your fine example will inspire some of the blow-hards on cable news to reach for a higher standard.

FROM: Doreen Walski (New York, NY)
DATE: 9/12/04
I'm in the middle of watching tonight's show and I have to completely disagree with the comments Ms. Chupack just made that people are now looking at the news reports through their own filters now. She used as a reference, seeing F 9/11, Outfoxed, and Control Room... the public is even less discerning regarding the media and less aware of what's happening in the world today and the reasons, than I realized or could hope for. That saddens me greatly.

FROM: Annika Logart (Newport Beach, CA)
DATE: 9/10/04
My "silver slipper" question is: "Do you watch Topic A with Tina Brown?" When I find a man who does, I'll know I've found the right one. Until then, thanks for making my single life more intellectually stimulating.

FROM: Doug G.
DATE: 9/3/04
I happened to catch your show tonight and it was quite interesting. I was very disappointed, however, in Armstrong [Williams]'s comments about the Governor of New Jersey. He thinks that the Governor's accuser is straight because people that knew him in Israel had no indication that he was gay...Israel is more anti-gay than this country and he thinks that if someone in Israel is gay his contacts are going to know. Did Armstrong know that the Governor was gay before the rest of us? I think not.

FROM: Francis Metalonis
DATE: 8/30/04
I love your show. It is informative and allows different voices to be heard on the subjects being covered by the media. My only criticism of your show is that it is not on often enough. I am a talk show junkie, and I appreciate your treating your all of guests with respect. Unfortunately, many other talk show moderators are not as tolerant.

I really enjoyed your interview with Cindy McCain. I have had difficulty understanding how Senator McCain could continue to support President Bush after his campaign's attack in South Carolina on the Senator and his family. The interview helped me to admire both Senator McCain and his wife for their ability to deal with these attacks without bitterness.

FROM: Lynn Shahan
DATE: 8/26/04
One does not want to be in the position of wishing time away, but that is exactly what i find myself doing since discovering Topic A on sunday evenings. The weeks cannot go by fast enough -- Topic A is my hot pick!

FROM: Richard Arulsuthan (Toronto, ON)
DATE: 8/20/04
Your show, culturally, politically, and literarily screams elitism! And I love it! An added bonus: There isn't a snowball's chance in Texas that George W. or his anti-intellectual set is watching.

FROM: Carol Williams
DATE: 8/12/04
I couldn't believe it! A TV show with no sex, no Iraq, no Laci Peterson --- a show with truly appropriate guests saying substantial things about important subjects which never get mentioned elsewhere on TV... And an educated host who can ask and discuss truly appropriate questions.

FROM: Stuart
DATE: 7/22/04
I find your show to be filled with hubris and unabashedly self-promoting intellectuals... this coupled with shameful promotion of their products or products of friends...[which] brings me to one conclusion. My wife and i can not bear to miss your show, we love it.... Keep us thinking and give us more.

FROM: Nancy Kneuer
DATE: 7/12/04
I love Topic (A) and I love Tina Brown. It's an interesting show that has reasoned discussions about current events. I am so tired of propaganda masquerading as news and news anchors regurgitating press releases rather than really doing reporting.

FROM: Marty (Jersey City, NJ)
DATE: 7/8/04
I find it amazing how the guests [were] saying Bush is too black and white in [his] thinking...I suppose if your guests were kidnapped in Iraq, had the hooded terrorists standing behind you people and read you the Koran, then you folks would finally see the black and white.

FROM: Kirk Randle (Ft. Worth, TX)
DATE: 6/22/04
Your editor's desk roundtables are what I fast forward to. They provide the lines for the conversations on the porch. Bravo.